Tuesday, November 30

Busan regional game company, contract performance with G-Star

Data provided – Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency

Busan games achieved contract results at G-Star despite the limited situation related to the corona virus.

Local game companies participating in the international game exhibition ‘G-Star 2021’, which ended on Sunday, November 21, at the Busan Game Center (11.17~11.19) caught the attention of domestic and foreign buyers. Busan Game Pavilion consists of booths of participating companies, an online video conference room, and an info desk so that developers and investors can conduct meetings efficiently.

According to Busan City (Mayor Hyung-Jun Park) and Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency (President Moon-Seop Jeong), a total of 232 cases (82 cases per day, 92 cases on the 2nd, 58 cases on the 3rd) were conducted at this exhibition. Despite the decrease in the number of global buyers’ visits to the exhibition hall due to the prolonged corona virus, the number of consultations was never small.

Busan-based Jiangsu game company Everstone (CEO Choi Kyung-wook) signed a publishing contract with the global publisher ‘Springcomes’ for the new mobile game ‘Renaissance Fighters’. This is the second contract since the global service of the idle RPG game ‘Abyss: Reverse Phantom’ through Springcoms in February. ‘Renaissance Fighters’ is a newtro action mobile game that reinterprets Leonardo da Vinci in the Renaissance era using animation materials from the 80s and 90s and popular memes.

Jelly Snow Studio (CEO Kim Tae-hoon), an indie game developer in Busan, is planning to introduce its idle mobile game ‘Raise a Ship’ in cooperation with ‘BluePotion’. Jelly Snow Studio released the PC game ‘Metal Unit’, which recorded 100,000 downloads on Steam, in the Nintendo Switch version in June, and in October, at the ‘Game X Conference 2021’ held by Busan City in collaboration with Naver Cloud, CEO Kim Tae-hoon He continues his game-related activities in Busan, including participating as a speaker.

Taehoon Kim, CEO of Jelly Snow Studio, who participated in the Busan Game Center, said, “With the generous support of Busan City, we were able to release a metal unit and got the opportunity to participate in G-Star this year.” Through the exhibition, I was able to intensively meet famous developers, CEOs of global game companies, and overseas buyers, which helped my business a lot.”

Jung Moon-seop, head of the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, said, “Busan game companies usually have strengths in creativity related to content planning.” Delight, a law firm, participated and provided a great help by providing immediate legal advice on contracts. said.

Meanwhile, the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency is operating the Busan Global Game Center with the support of Busan Metropolitan City, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea Creative Content Agency to foster the game industry in Busan. Support project is in progress.


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