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(Mother Solo) Developing an interactive game that is more difficult than escaping

  • subject: (Mother Solo) Developing an interactive game that is more difficult than escaping
  • Lecturer: Name – Producer Seong-Jin Ko ‘Godori’, Director Woong-Hee Lee ‘Okapi’ / Indykava Interactive
  • Areas of presentation: game development
  • Lecture time: 2021.11.19 (Fri) 15:00 ~ 15:50
  • Lecture Summary: Interactive movie game, from production to release? Is it unfavorable?
  • Indykava Interactive’s PD Ko Seong-jin and director Lee Woong-hee took an interest in the Full Motion Video (FMV) game genre and released an interactive movie game ”Mother Solo: Everyone is Born’ after three years of development. The game, which includes more than 500 pages of screenplay, more than six hours of video, eight endings including hidden endings, and various mini-games and interactive elements, was recognized for its work by winning the Indie Game Award at the 2021 Korea Game Awards.

    PD Ko Seong-jin and director Lee Woong-hee, who completed everything from script writing, shooting, editing, and game development with a small number of people on their own, said, “It was hard enough to die, but it seems to have left good memories. It feels like the memories have been corrected.” did.

    What difficulties were encountered in making an interactive movie game? PD Ko Seong-jin and director Lee Woong-hee honestly shared their feelings in the series of processes from production to release.

    ■ Why did you choose the concept of maternal solo?– The most interesting daily life that happens indoors in a short time

    I first got the idea while watching an internet broadcast in 2018. I saw a game based on a live-action video called ‘The Bunker’ on the broadcast of Pungwolryang, which I usually enjoyed. That was the first interactive movie game I ever heard of. Since it was a rare genre in Korea, I started developing this game with the hope that it would be a box office hit.

    At first, I thought about various genres, from horror to time loops. However, I had to choose a genre that could be filmed realistically. And I had the idea that a memorable work is possible when there is a good story, and I took the concept of the game according to that idea.

    While preparing an interactive game, we separated what should be in the game and what shouldn’t be. I hoped that the elements should be interesting game-wise, that modern people would sympathize with, that there would be good workmanship, and that it would be a game that YouTubers could be interested in. Conversely, elements that should not be absent were excessively long lengths, outdoor shooting, large numbers of people appearing, and gameplay that ended in a one-time sex game.

    Combining the two, the conclusion was summarized in one sentence: ‘The most interesting daily life that can happen indoors in a short period of time’. As I pondered what it might be, I thought, ‘Isn’t blind date between the opposite sex in a cafe the most tense and interesting daily life?’

    Here, the concept of the main character being a single mother was added. I thought that the tension that arises when the mother solo went on a blind date would be greater, and I believed that I could write a better story because of my experience. I added a bit of humor or exaggeration during the production process, but I wanted to create a story that I could relate to as a whole.

    ■ The most important element of an interactive movie game– so that choices are always meaningful

    First, I wrote the screenplay. To find out the characteristics of maternal solo, I searched for various blind date programs and related information, and after a year of hard work, I completed the maternal solo scenario. The reason it took a long time for a year was because of the characteristics of the interactive movie genre. It took me a year to think about the settings and results for each choice because each choice had to produce different results.

    The second time I filmed and made an interactive game, the continuity was very important. Only if the storyline was properly crafted was it possible to catch errors in the scenario, and the filming quality was also improved. And the time it takes to shoot is reduced. Since indie games are produced at a low cost, it was very helpful to reduce unnecessary shooting and shorten the time.

    Because of the low production cost, many anecdotes occurred while working. There was no place for an audition, so I rented a friend’s office or appeared on my own because I needed an extra role. Some actors cut off contact before filming and disappeared, they were refused taxi rides because of a lot of luggage, and they chased away crows that interfered with filming.

    We developed the game around three important elements. The first is the story. Due to the nature of the genre, most user evaluations are focused on the story. So the story should be interesting. As an interactive movie game, it was also important to make effective and interesting interactions according to the situation and choice. And in this process, we continued to encourage users to participate directly.

    Finally, the choice should always have meaning. If no matter what you choose does not affect the outcome, the game becomes less interesting. Meaningless choices are not repeated, new experiences are added to each choice, and a double line is sometimes laid so that even if you play repeatedly, you can have fun without being bored as much as possible.

    ■ Proud but disappointing results– The next work is closer to the game

    Since its release, Mota Solo has been streamed on various Internet broadcasts and has been selected as a popular game on Steam. However, sales did not come out as expected by the producers. PD Ko Seong-jin analyzed the reason for two reasons: the limitation of the platform and the promotion through streaming.

    Producer Ko Seong-jin said that the Steam platform has a lot of users who like systemized games, so there are few users who are close to the movie format. In addition, publicity through Internet broadcasting is a double-edged sword because it directly exposes the story of the game.

    Producer Ko Seong-jin and director Lee Woong-hee said that their next work will not be an interactive movie genre. And in the next work, he said that he would make a work that was more integrated with the game. He said he was also thinking about diversifying the platform. In particular, he said that he was thinking about what it would be like to service an interactive game through mobile.


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