Netflix: League of Legends series Arcane gets second season

Riot Games, the company behind the successful Moba League of Legends, has not only spread its franchise with the help of other video games, but has now also made the leap into the series industry – and without a start. Arcane has excited millions of viewers worldwide on Netflix within a very short time and also has critics almost exclusively words of praise left for the series.

So it was only a matter of time before you got one second season of the series announces. Nevertheless, fans can be happy that this has now actually happened from the official side. You have a first teaser on twitter already published, even if it doesn’t really reveal anything. Towards the end is with Wolfsgeheul however, the appearance of a certain character has already been hinted at.

When does the second season of Arcane come out?

Also the CEO of Riot Games, Nicolo Laurent, answers in response to the announcement to speak: “Yes, we’re working on a second season for Arcane. The good news: You don’t have to wait six years this time (the time it took us to produce the first season). The bad news: It won’t come in 2022.”

Arcane: Final trailer of the LoL series on Netflix – it starts on Sunday!

So you shouldn’t expect further episodes of the successful series before 2023, it will probably take longer. However, with the first season, of course, the foundation stone was laid and many things like character designs and story flow no longer have to be shaken off the sleeve, hence Laurent’s statement that fans don’t wait another six years will.

It remains exciting whether you can Publication rhythm that maintains consequences. The first season of Arcane consisted of nine episodes, with three new episodes appearing each week for over three weeks. If you haven’t given Arcane a chance, now may be the time. A Trailer can be found embedded in this article.

What is Arcane about?

The two are in the foreground of the series Sisters Vi and Jinxwho were orphans in the dangerous and shabby streets of the city Zaun eke out their existence. You are in War with rival town of Piltover and Vi and Jinx soon find each other not only between the fronts, but also on different sides.

Those: Arcane on Twitter

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