Producer Bang Bang-hoon talks about game design, the process of ‘persuasion’

There are many professions in the world that outsiders do not know exactly what they do. This is because, in many cases, the names of roles and appearances are different from the reality.

Jobs such as game designers and game designers can also be called such jobs. The terms planning and design are easy to understand, but people outside the industry don’t know exactly what they do when they get into work.

In order to show what a game designer does in detail, Nexon PD Bang Bang-hoon came forward as a lecturer. It is said that anyone can do planning and design, but they do not know what to design specifically and how to communicate within it. When it comes to work, each job has its own set of difficulties. PD Bang Bang-hoon delivered the exact meaning of the role of a game designer and the weight of the location through his lecture.

■ game designer– How is it different from a planner?

Producer Bang Bang-hoon started the lecture with the example that game planners have difficulty explaining what they usually do.

In Korea, game designer and planner are usually used interchangeably. As a result, it became more difficult to distinguish between designers and planners. But strictly speaking, planners and designers are in different realms.

According to PD Bang Bang-hoon, a planner is a person who plans work. The designer has a basic role in preparing the design or design of a work with a purpose. A planner makes a proposal to try a specific task in the planning stage, and the person who actually works to achieve it is the designer.

It is acceptable for planners and designers to use the terms interchangeably, but developers and programmers are not interchangeable. All job groups participating in the development process can be said to be equal developers. The programmer is in charge of planning the program.

■ The role of the game designer– Overall flow management

So, what does a game designer do? Oversees the game development process and participates in multi-step work. Planning – graphic resource creation – program work. Program work is the work of merging data, and it is said that PD Bang Bang-hoon uses the word ‘assembly’ in-house. There are several other tasks, and the designer goes through the entire development process iteratively.

The game designer also catches the overall flow. Manage the overall flow of design-management supervision-operation check-feedback supplementation. As an industry, game development proceeds through complex collaborations among many people. The work is also repeated infinitely until the completion stage.

■ Game design phase – Thought/ Arrangement/ Persuasion

Next, I explained the three stages of game design. In the existing game plan writing method, there are three stages of ideation/design/delivery. If the job of a game designer can be summarized in one sentence, it plays a role of ‘organizing thoughts and persuading them’.

He emphasized that the new step presented by PD Bang Bang-hoon is persuasion. Next, PD Bang Bang-hoon added the expression that it is a place where game designers have to ponder more deeply than others for a long time. You need to dig deeper into the depth of your worries and organize your thoughts, such as why you should do this, what to do if you want to implement it, and how to do it. Among them, PD Bang Bang-hoon emphasized why. This is because the process of arriving at the destination is not shaken when the design goal is clear.

Let’s assume that concern is aligned with the request to design a party system. First, find out why a party is needed in the game. Whether it’s to hang out with friends, or for what purpose the party is needed. After that, think about what it takes to make a party, and how to make it. The party leader decides who is in charge and how the authority is set. The document prepared up to this point is usually referred to as a plan.

When the proposal is finalized, the design review process proceeds. I need to be able to share what I have compiled with others. And then they try to convince each other. You can get better ideas as you go through the review. For example, code may come up with good suggestions because the programmer knows better than the designer.

And you have to lead the employees involved in the design process to stay in the same flow. Other employees also have no idea what context to work in. In this case, a given line of work can lead to confusion. Therefore, a designer must clearly define what point to take in the context of the entire work so that colleagues can follow the easy path.

Furthermore, game designers need to be able to make interim reports. I usually think of reporting at the end of a job. However, a designer must also be able to report between works. This is because, when a job goes well, it appeals to what you are good at, and on the contrary, you need appropriate help to make up for what you lack. There are some areas that cannot be solved by thinking alone, so a report is needed to find alternatives. Reports go on even if things seem to be going smoothly. The direction of work is sometimes shifted without the designer’s knowledge, so it is necessary to check it in the middle of work. This will reduce the risk of returning later in the job.

■ Reference game– The more experience, the better?

When ordering a game design, they often ask for a specific game element as a reference. Although it is a word that is often used in practice, caution is required when using it in the communication stage. When you say things like World of Warcraft, like Tracer, you may not understand exactly what you’re talking about. Communication can become a stumbling block when the listener does not have background knowledge. For example, when talking about LCK (LoL domestic league), it is inevitably difficult to understand if you do not have enough knowledge about LoL.

However, if used well, effective communication can be achieved. Therefore, it is advantageous to build up prior knowledge and references with each other. It is helpful to experience various things such as games or movies that I like. In particular, it is recommended that you increase your references by playing various games from the perspective of a game designer.

Designers cannot be experts in all fields. This is because the design can be completed with the help of other occupational groups. Therefore, it is necessary to build up the virtues of a good colleague to work with. No matter how talented and individual you are, if you lack the ability to collaborate, you may not be able to complete a design together.

Game design is an area that anyone can participate in. It is also a process that any colleague can participate in. Therefore, respect for colleagues and the ability to collaborate are essential. And it becomes a designer’s specialty to complete a design that can combine all of these.