Telekom pumps up the fixed network: huge plus in downloads thanks to 5G

Fiber optic is the future standard for fast landline internet. It will take some time before the fast lines arrive everywhere. Telekom is now testing a combined system to make the slower DSL lines work with the help of 5G – with success.

Telekom helps a weak landline network on its feet

Those who live in the country and not in one of the fiber optic expansion areas often have to surf the landline internet at a rather poor speed. The Telekom wants to remedy this with a new edition of the hybrid option. So far, customers have been able to top up a slow DSL connection via the LTE network. now try 5G support.

In the future, even higher speeds should be achieved in hybrid operation. At its peak, a 100 line succeeded during the first test phase to upgrade to up to 700 Mbit / s in the download, said Telekom spokeswoman Stephanie Halle in a Telekom podcast (source: Golem). As a rule, over 500 Mbit / s was achieved.

When uploading, the speed was increased to 140 Mbit / s, at the top up to 176 Mbit / s were possible. In order to use such a hybrid offer, an additional 5G-capable external antenna is required, the signal of which is fed into a suitable router by cable. According to Telekom, such a setup could be done easily. Of course, they are not yet ready for the market. I.The second test phase is to start in December.

The Telekom offer has its pitfalls

However, there are already unanswered questions: A 5G hybrid system will probably only become really attractive when when the 5G network is available everywhere. There is still a lack of that and it is scratching the benefits of the offer. In addition, the 5G boost for the fixed network is a bridging technology. The better the expansion of the fiber optic network progresses, the more obsolete a hybrid Internet connection will become.

We reveal what you have to look out for with your home WiFi network in the Video:

The price is also decisive for success or failure. So far, customers have been able to book the LTE option for the MagentaZuhause L tariff with 100 Mbit / s as a download for 4.95 euros per month. Up to 300 Mbit / s should be possible. A 5G upgrade is likely to be more expensive. In areas with slow lines, this is not only an additional service for Telekom customers, but also an extra source of income for the provider.