The 2021 G-Star Shelter I Evaluated

▲ Chair in front of the toilet (Reporter B, 2 points): “It’s comfortable, but there are too many floating people”

Any news from famous companies? many visitors? Or a surprise visit from a famous influencer?

Everything is good, but the flower of the exhibition is a ‘place to rest’. My legs start to hurt after I achieve what I want without hesitation. If it comes with a generous gift, both hands are sore. Well, of course, the heart will be happy.

We decided to evaluate G-Star’s hidden achievement in 2021, a chair that can rest a weary body, with colleagues. They are reporters who have encountered many products such as gaming chairs and office chairs, and I thought it would be more fun and rewarding to see them together than to go around alone. It’s just a joke, so I hope you don’t take it too seriously.

Reporter R: G-Star comes a lot.
Reporter C: I have a habit of lying down whenever I see a chair.
Reporter B: Myself. I make more chairs than the head of any chair company.
Reporter K: I don’t know. I was next to you at some point
Reporter P: My mascot for the team. If you are in a good mood, the poses you show are top-notch.

▲ Smoking room bench (Reporter B, 1.5 points): “It can be good for people looking for happiness in everyday life, but it’s a little messy”

▲ Bench near the restaurant (Teddy Bear, ?): There is no answer, so pass

▲ Restaurant chair (Reporter R, 4.5 points): “It was delicious, it was okay”

▲ Where are you?

▲ G-Star entrance floor (Reporter B, 3 points): “I entered a private room. The floor of the exhibition is familiar to me”

▲ Velvet chair (C Reporter, 2 points): “I can’t lie down”

▲ Slightly high chair (Reporter P, 2 points): “Narrow”

▲ Children’s chair (Reporter K, 2 points): “It seems more comfortable to squat”

▲ Reporter C: “Can I lie down here?”

▲ Performance chair (C Reporter, 2 points): “I can’t lie down”

▲ TMI: The visitor on the right is someone we don’t know

▲ No. Don’t play the game and rate the chair.

▲ Lego chair (Reporter K, 2 points): “It looked like 1 point, but it’s better than I thought. Cocomong is cute”

▲ Duoback Chair (Reporter P, 4 points): “Finally, I feel like I’m sitting in a chair like a chair”

▲ Duoback footrest (reporter B, 3 points): “The angle is more ergonomic than I thought”

▲ “Kari and Deokgu with me”

▲ Secret Lab Chair (C Reporter, 5 points): “Lay down!!”

▲ Reporter C’s quote: “The chair is there, so I just lie down”

▲ Reporter P’s mood improved, and he was able to see a wonderful performance

▲ Did you see this in the field?

▲ A lot of G-Star cosplayers also came to visit.

▲ 100 points!!!!!

▲ Manager’s chair (manager W at around 5 pm, tired of work, 5 points): “Anywhere you can stick your butt”

▲ Cafe chair next to the exhibition hall (Reporter K, 4 points): “It feels good to be outside”

▲ Cafe table (Reporter B, 5 points): “I feel better when I sit in a place not to sit”