The Matrix 4: Two new atmospheric posters revealed

Although the fourth matrix film Resurrections already in a month, more precisely on December 23, 2021, comes to the cinemas, the information about the next part of the science fiction epic is rather sparse. Thanks to trailers there are first information and cluesbut where Neo and Trinity will really go at the end of the year is still in the stars.

No reason, however, to leave the fans on dry land. So, without further ado, Warner Bros. Pictures two new, very atmospheric posters revealed for the film. Both have one thing in common: The Matrix-Style is already unmistakable thanks to sunglasses and long, black coats.

A double pack of anticipation: The two new posters for The Matrix (buy now 18,44 €) 4
But of course it doesn’t stop there with the similarities: There are on both posters Neo (Keanu Reeves) und Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) and on both of them the characters stand in black in front of a pale green background, which of course has the same color scheme alludes to the first three films.

What is striking is the look of actor Reeves, who with his long hairstyle is less reminiscent of the original Neo, but more and John Wick recalls – a role that he also embodies. One of the posters also stands out Morpheus strong, not just one instead of black claret suit with green shirt and is no longer played by Laurence Fishburn, but by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

You can find the two posters here and here. Even if you don’t spend hours watching them, they’re a good distraction to shorten the month-long wait for the movie to start. On a specially created website you can also choose between the red and the blue pill, just like Neo back then. The Matrix Resurrections appears on December 23, 2021 in theaters.

Those: Warner Bros. Pictures on Twitter

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