Twitch: Fans don’t believe Amouranth’s allegations, she is fighting back

The greater the success, the darker the downsides: popular streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa can also tell you a thing or two about it. A few days ago she posted a thread on Twitter talking about threats and suggestive offers from an unspecified business partner.

Some fans have reacted to Amouranth’s statements and do not believe her or accuse her of reading too much into the situations she describes. She finds it anything but funny, quotes the doubts of the fans on Twitter and clearly opposes it.

What was Amouranth’s statement about?

Specifically, it was about Amouranths Twitter-Post about the fact that she had received an invitation to dinner from a business partner after months of working together. She felt uncomfortable with the offer and tried to ignore it at first, but her business partner quickly became aggressive and even threatened to end the cooperation entirely.

The reactions to Amouranth’s post were largely supportive, with many commentators wanting to support the streamer and writing that their decision was absolutely correct. However, some comments went in a different direction, accusing Amouranth of misinterpreting the situation and overreacting.

How do some fans doubt Amouranth’s statements?

For example, a fan writes: “A guy works with a famous, attractive woman, sees an opportunity to meet as a business partner, is immediately accused of inappropriate behavior for lack of confirmation [der Nachricht]which makes him angry. ”

Amouranth reacted corresponding: “Exactly. The roaring accusation presented by my mere silence justifies his transformation into the incredible Hulk.” Above all, she emphasizes that she did not blame her business partner for not accepting his offer.

Another fan writes that no matter what situation you are in, he feels it is always inappropriate to ask a woman out on a date. He also asks the question whether the business partner’s frustration could stem from the fact that he did not mean his offer sexually, but that he is being accused of doing so.

Amouranth wants that too not without further ado leave: “It’s almost like not being allowed to ask someone on a date when there’s a power imbalance. And when you didn’t answer me right away, I resented you personally. You just can’t answer right away and…” make me feel promiscuous. It’s not me, it’s you. “

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