Two-time winner! Eternal Return First Bread Victory, Strongest Match Day 2

The 2nd day of the ‘First Bread Victory Strongest Autobiography’ to be held at the G-Star 2021 site was bright. Influencers invited on Sunday are singer Jisook from the girl group Rainbow and her husband Doohee Lee, who is famous as a programmer. Since it is a solo mode, two influencers are also scheduled to face each other. Ji-sook showed great enthusiasm in this match, and Lee Doo-hee also ignited his enthusiasm by mentioning his gamer career.

In the first round, both influencers moved to the gathering place and led the match. However, it was disappointing to be eliminated from the gathering place, and the 25 G-Star users who played ‘Heart’, which eventually won a lot of kills, took the victory. And in the second round, a G-Star 25 user controlled Zahir and showed great moving and won the championship. And since the G-Star 25 user won 2 times, he was able to bring 2 Hyeonu jackets.

G-Star 25 users who won both rounds 1 and 2 came down and left their impressions. A user of G-Star 25, who came down from Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, said, “Eternal Return is so much fun.” The winner, the G-Star 25 user, took two Hyeon-woo jackets, but the G-Star 25 user gave away one jacket to Ji-sook, creating a warm atmosphere. Finally, a commemorative photo was taken and the battle of the best of Seonbang Pilseung was concluded.

▲ Hyeonu jacket taken on site

▲ Three commentators who came to visit today without fail

▲ This guest is with Lee Doo-hee, who is famous as a programmer.

▲ Jisook, who was a member of the girl group Rainbow, was with

▲ It is said that Lee Doo-hee has been practicing Rosie. I know how to put some combos.

▲ Jisook is famous for playing games frequently.

▲ Jisook responds to the participants from afar

▲ Preparation for the match was quick.

▲ Both of them farmed very well, but

▲ Defeated due to lack of proficiency

▲ The final winner is G-Star 25 users

▲ If the influencers were eliminated, they moved to the caster seat and broadcast the match.

▲ Doo-hee Lee trying her best again on the 2nd day. I didn’t leave early though.

▲ G-Star 25 users won once more by a narrow margin.

▲ G-Star 25 users who got two Hyeonu jackets

▲ “Eternal Return is fun!”

▲ Ji-sook is putting the Hyeon-woo jacket on the winner.

▲ G-Star 25 users and Ji-sook who look good with the Hyunwoo jacket

▲ Commemorative group photos are always important

▲ With this, the best fight for the best victory was completed safely.