2021 1st Disabled e-Sports Competition D-war completed

Data provided – Korea Federation of Persons with Disabilities

The Korea Federation of Persons with Disabilities (Chairman Kwang-sik Hwang, hereinafter referred to as the Federation of Persons with Disabilities) announced the completion of the ‘1st e-sports competition for the disabled, D-war’ (hereafter D-war) held at Hi Seoul Youth Hostel in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

In consideration of the convenience of participating players, ‘D-war’, held on Saturday, the 20th, went through online qualifiers in advance, and 24 disabled gamers in 3 sports (League of Legends, Kart Rider, Starcraft) and 5 categories. In accordance with the official disabled e-sports rules, they competed fiercely for victory.

Co-hosted by the Federation of Persons with Disabilities and the Korea Esports Federation for the Disabled, and sponsored by 7 companies including IMI Co., Ltd. It is considered to have demonstrated potential.

This competition was divided into the ‘intellectual development division’ and the ‘rearrangement/hearing division’. According to the organizer, it is a measure to maximize the fun of the game as a sport and improve the degree of perfection as an entertainment through separate operation according to the characteristics of the disability. am.

In the ‘League of Legends (LOL) Intellectual Development Division’, which was held as the first event, Ahn Sang-won took the gold medal in first place, and Han Ji-soo took first place in the retardation and hearing division of the same event and took the gold medal.

In the ‘League of Legends (LOL) Intellectual Development Division’, Yun Seong-bin won the gold medal, and Park Chan-jin took the gold medal in the physical and auditory division.

In the ‘Starcraft’ event, which was held as a ‘team confrontation’ where disabled and non-disabled people teamed up together, Kim Sang-hyeon and Kim Seong-yeon teamed up to win the gold medal.

The silver medalist in the kart rider intellectual and development category, Lee Kun-hyung, won the ‘Best Play Award’ given by IMI, the main sponsor, by showing great plays several times during the game. Meanwhile, interest in ‘D-war’ from the politicians, the media, and academia was hot on this day.

Rep. Kim Ye-ji of the National Assembly Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee, People’s Strength, attended the opening ceremony and encouraged the players by congratulating the ‘D-war’. Rep. Oh Young-hwan and Rep. Chung Cheong-rae of the Democratic Party of Korea participated as presenters and hung medals around the necks of the athletes who won medals, congratulating them on their victory.

In particular, Rep. Chung Cheong-rae had a Starcraft event with Kim Sang-hyeon, the winner of the StarCraft event, but at the end of the match being pushed back unilaterally, he was defeated by a nuclear attack and gave a big laugh.

On the other hand, an official from the Korea Federation of Persons with Disabilities, which hosted the tournament, said, “We had no choice but to minimize on-site matches due to the corona virus.” “As we plan to continue holding events to settle into an official league, the enthusiasm at the site is even higher. I will do my best to make it possible.”

This competition, which showed the future of e-sports for the disabled, can be viewed again through the YouTube channel of the Korea Disabled People’s Federation (DPI).