90,000 people flocked to the online broadcast of ‘Cheonae Myungwoldo M’, which participated in G-Star 2021

Aurora Studio, a developer affiliated with Tencent, is a mobile MMORPG ‘Chunae MyungwoldoM‘G-Star 2021 The exhibition ended successfully 22day said.

‘Chunae MyungwoldoM‘ is past 21G-Star, an international game exhibition that has ended 2021to B2C Participated as a booth and presented key information and features about the game to the audience.

‘Chunae MyungwoldoMAs if proving that ‘ is a mobile game that emphasizes an emotional atmosphere, the extensive field system through the showcase, It raised the expectations of gamers by revealing attractive occupations and action styles..

At the G-Star on-site booth, the ‘Cheonae Myungwoldo’ was produced with Aurora Studio’s own engine.MThe actual play video of ‘ was screened., There is a demonstration zone where you can experience customization and skills..

For fans who couldn’t find the site, AfricaTV and Twitch’ G-StarTV‘ Various contents were broadcasted in real time in the broadcast.. especially G-StarTV Unique viewers (UV) reference approx. 92,527number of people(estimate)This ‘Cheonae Myungwoldo’M‘ It is expected that you enjoyed online content.

In this online broadcast, novelist Kwak Jae-sik and announcer Kim Hyo-jin ‘Chunae Myungwoldo’MThe story of ‘ was told with a witty wit..

Along with this, the Popular Streamer Medal of Honor, Oaking, chamtasua, Jubori and others at the booth site 1:1 argument PVP The content was contested with users, adding to the excitement of the scene., Streaming broadcasts were also conducted and received a warm response from viewers..

In addition, last 18Selected spectators at the Il G-Star stage PVP It is said that the participants showed brilliant control in the King of Kings, and the real-time chat window was as hot as the offline scene..

G-StarTV‘Cheonae Myungwoldo’, which was released inM‘ Content can be viewed through the official YouTube.

Meanwhile, ‘Chunae MyungwoldoM‘ is targeted for domestic release next year., We are currently taking pre-orders through the official teaser page..

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