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After sexism scandal: Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick talks about resignation

Once the reputation has been ruined, it is said to be quite uninhibited. But if there are massive criminal consequences attached to the reputation, then it is better to stick with the variant: I knew and I don’t know anything.

Robert Kotick talks about resignation

And so announced Robert “Bobby” Kotick, his sign Activision Blizzard CEO, now according to a new one Wall Street Journal Report (Pay Gate), that he think about it would, to leave the company. And then, if he should not succeed in improving the “culture of misconduct” in his company “as quickly as possible”.

This statement is said to have been made during a meeting with senior executives of the company. Before that, an internal statement to all employees said that from now on a zero tolerance policy would be applied to inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

We summarized this original scandal in detail some time ago.

Kotick is said to have known about abuse

What Kotick hides is his own role in the whole story. That it massive incidents of abuse, sexual harassment and bullying at Activision Blizzard which led to suicide in at least one case has been known for some time. And Activision Blizzard joins the sad list of other companies like Ubisoft and Riot Gamesin which similarly unacceptable structures have existed or are supposed to exist.

Activision Blizzard sexism scandal is widespread

Another report in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago shows that Kotick’s role The scandal is said to have been quite different from the one he claimed, in which he does not want to have heard anything of what was going on. He is said to have been directly involved, knew exactly what was going on behind the office doors and protected employees who were guilty of the most serious misconduct. We have these new developments summarized in detail in a report.

While the Activision Blizzards employees now by the thousands Sign petitions, take to the streets and quit their work to get Kotick to take responsibility and step down, the company’s board of directors still officially supports him – at least externally.

The board of directors is – still – with Kotick

It remains to be seen how Kotick’s current statement is to be assessed. It is at least obvious that he does not want to give up yet. Most recently, he cut his salary in a publicly effective manner, again with the implied hint that he had known nothing about the scandals and only wanted to advance the investigation as a quasi-uninvolved observer.

In the end, the outcome of the story and how firmly Kotick really sits in the saddle will most likely depend on them financial impact on the company to be determined. Little by little, more and more large partner companies are finding clear words and demanding consequences, including Sony and Microsoft. Of the Share price Activision Blizzard is meanwhile also downhill.

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