Angel Games unveils new games and wraps up G-Star 2021

Data provided – Angel Games

Angel Games (CEO Park Ji-hoon) announced on the 22nd that it had successfully completed the ‘G-Star 2021’ BTC event, the largest game exhibition in Korea, held from the 17th to the 21st.

In the ‘G-Star 2021’ Angel Games booth, there is a demonstration zone for the mobile 2D action RPG ‘Tower of God M: The Great Journey (hereafter, Tower of God M)’ and the super-large action adventure ‘Wanderers: The Arena (hereinafter, Wanderers)’ and various games. There is an ‘Event Goods Shop’ where you can meet goods items. On-site visitors who visited the booth responded with great response to unreleased game demonstrations and G-Star limited event goods gifts that can be received after participating in various events.

Much more diverse events were held on the ‘main stage’ installed in the center. Starting with the cosplay team’s opening fashion show, events such as ‘Wanderers’ Strongest Autobiography’, ‘Wanderers Boss Expedition’, ‘Wanderers on to the King’ were held, including famous influencers ‘Tutteut’, ‘Engineering Student Byun Seungju’, The stage event was completed with ‘Lee Sang-ho’, ‘Lim Seon-bi’, ‘Aegyo Dragon’, ‘Cook Dasul’ and ‘Coutinyu’, drawing great attention from the audience.

The online and offline event linked through Afreeca TV was also a hot topic so that both on-site visitors and online gamers could participate and enjoy. ‘Tower of God M Quiz on the Stage’, where prizes are awarded to the first place each time, and ‘G-Star 2021 X Angel Games’ special live event, where the winner of the Wanderers match between influencers and prizes is awarded by lottery in each match.

Meanwhile, the 2D action RPG ‘Tower of God M’, which is being developed based on the popular webtoon ‘Tower of God’ serialized on Naver Webtoon, was popular at the actual ‘G-Star 2021’ site with exciting action and the largest multi-content in the same genre. The super-large action-adventure game ‘Wanderers’, which combines the rogue-like and battle royale genres, which is being developed with the aim of releasing in 2022, also drew a lot of attention.