Tuesday, November 30

Anipang 4, new competitive event ‘Punch King’ updated

Data provided – Sunday Toz

Sunday Toz (CEO Kim Jeong-seop) announced on the 22nd that it will introduce a new event ‘Punch King’ for the first time in its popular mobile game ‘Anipang 4’.

‘Punch King’ is an event in which users compete for ranking with the accumulated points obtained by clearing the puzzle stage or hitting the punch machine using gloves that are provided at regular intervals. In particular, you can get up to 9 gloves at once by clearing the stage, so it is expected to deliver even greater fun to users who have enjoyed puzzles as their main focus. In addition, SundayToz plans to present popular items such as coins, slingshots, and contribution points to participants according to the ranking of the event ending on November 23rd.

In addition, ‘Punch King’, which has built a sense of cool hitting suitable for the concept of punching, is expected to be well received by users with its unique taste. The design depicting a retro arcade punch machine, splendid graphic effects, realistic sound effects, and gauges that increase as the number of times are repeated are devices that deliver a cool feeling of hitting.

“‘Punch King’ is a new event held every other Sunday, and we expect it to provide a short but intense competitive fun,” said Jinhyuk Lee, the SundayToz team leader. We plan to continue to introduce them,” he said.

On the other hand, SundayToz is holding a Black Friday discount event for 7 days from November 24 to 30. In this discount event, discounts such as 50% of the costume drawing and 30% of the dressing room expansion, along with the popular summer season limited edition costumes, will be sold in surprise.


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