Battlefield 2042: How the next patch should improve the game


Battlefield 2042 – release conclusion: unfinished and out with it!

Battlefield 2042 struggled with numerous problems shortly after its release. This is also very clearly reflected in the harsh ratings of the players and the international press. Patches should clear up the worst blunders in the near future – for example the hated Revive bug. At the moment only a restart can help:

Battlefield 2042: The Most Common Bugs and Error Codes


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Battlefield 2042: The Most Common Bugs and Error Codes

What the next patch brings

The development team will use Twitter to inform you of the changes that will be made in the next patch. You can read the tweet here, below we summarize the most important points for you:

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Revive-Bug: Most likely, they found the cause of one of the most annoying mistakes that caused fallen players to be caught endlessly in the death loop and unable to stand up or die. With the patch, the bug should disappear completely.

LCAA Hovercraft: This aircraft caused a lot of frustration because it was clearly too heavily armored and dealt heavy damage in the process. The next patch will be disarmed, both in terms of armor and weapon strength. Similar changes are planned for the MD540 Nightbird.

In addition, the deactivated UAV-1 drone should return with the update after it was revised for balancing reasons. Furthermore, the developers promise that work will be carried out on the server stability so that your connection to the server is no longer suddenly severed.

A release date for the patch has not yet been published, but it shouldn’t be long. At least two updates are officially planned until mid-December 2021, i.e. this patch and another.

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Can Battlefield 2042 be saved? Talk with Fabian Siegismund

In the podcast linked above, we talk about whether and how DICE can get Battlefield back on track after the mixed release. It will probably need a few more patches until at least the technical problems subside. But our tuning guide already helps you to get more FPS out!