Black Friday: 6 Tips to Really Save Money During Cyberweek

Black Friday is getting closer and with it, of course, the annual Cyberweek with thousands of offers and discounts for PC gamers. So that you can keep a clear head in the chaos of the sale, we have collected a few tips for you with which you can really save and spare your nerves.

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Tip 1: make a list

It’s easy to lose track of the huge sales that are starting now. If you invest a little time in preparation, you will not only save stress on Black Friday and Cyberweek, but (hopefully) also prevent you from spontaneously buying stuff that you don’t actually need.

Write down what you would like to buy. Bonus industrious asterisks are given if you sort directly according to priority – for example, “Must have”, “Would be nice” and “I’ll take it with me for free”. Next to each desired product, write the maximum price you would pay for it!

For example, if you are looking for a new graphics card, our large comparison will help you when writing a wish list:

Comparison of the models from AMD and Nvidia


Graphics card ranking

Comparison of the models from AMD and Nvidia

Tip 2: Subscribe to newsletters

If you sign up for the newsletter, this has two advantages for you: You will find out about discount offers that you might otherwise have missed. And in addition, there is often a bonus for registering, for example no shipping costs for the first order. You can use that tactically wisely.

When Cyberweek is over, you can unsubscribe directly. Or you can simply create a disposable email address.

Tip 3: Compare the prices

Even if the temptation is great, don’t grab the first big offer! Take the time to compare prices with other reputable shops. Sometimes sellers also offer to undercut the competition: If you find a product cheaper from seller A, seller B grants you an additional discount.

You can make price comparisons particularly easily with portals such as There you can, for example, compare the prices of German shops with those of other European websites. You can also check there whether it really is a particularly good Cyberweek offer or whether the retailer has even increased the original price before the supposedly great discount.

Does anyone still buy physical games? We talk about that here in the dev-talk:

Steam, Uplay, Origin and Co .: Who else buys physical games?



Steam, Uplay, Origin and Co .: Who else buys physical games?

Tip 4: think of coupons and discount codes

Before you take an offer, it is best to quickly check whether there is a suitable voucher code – a quick Google search is often enough. Sometimes you get a few percent off your order, sometimes you save shipping costs or get something in addition to your order.

But be careful: If you only want to shop for 30 euros, for example, and there is a goodie for 50 euros or more, then you should consider whether you actually want to spend more money on it. Don’t let such offers tempt you to pay more than you had planned!

Episode 114: How steam sales steer us psychologically


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Episode 114: How steam sales steer us psychologically

Tip 5: Don’t buy just because something is on sale

Black Friday and Cyberweek naturally want to tempt you to buy as much as possible. The discounts are flashing everywhere, shops loudly advertise limited specials and Christmas is just around the corner! You can easily buy more than you originally planned – passionate bargain hunters are particularly at risk.

Before you buy something, think about whether you really want it. Do you use the new device or game? Do you have enough space for it? Is it worth buying a new one, or would you be satisfied with used goods that you might get even cheaper? With such questions you prevent impulse purchases that later collect dust in the corner or clog your game library. Speaking of which – do you know whether you can inherit your Steam account? Here you can find out:


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“Can I actually inherit my Steam library?”

Tip 6: Use reputable shops

Unfortunately, scammers are also trying to get in on the big Black Friday cake. This year, for example, many dubious offers for the PlayStation 5 are likely to appear again, from scalpers on Ebay to completely fake websites. Take a close look at the Internet address, the imprint and the shop certificates, always look for experiences from other customers first – preferably not on the page in question itself, of course, but for example at TrustedShops.

You should never pay in advance or credit card on websites you don’t know! PayPal or purchase on account are much safer and you can more easily claim money back in case of doubt – but that doesn’t always work either. In case of doubt, if an offer sounds too good to be true, then better stay away from it. The next real bargain is sure to come!