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Black Friday at Rewe: 2-in-1 hot air fryer at an unbeatable price

In order to prepare food healthily, a hot air fryer should not be missing in the kitchen. Anyone who has been thinking about getting such a device for a long time can strike before Black Friday.

Black Friday bargains at Rewe: hot air fryer from Princess at a great price

Shortly before the Black Friday 2021 Those who are looking for a gentle alternative to a deep fryer can save a lot at REWE at the moment: Instead of just under 150 euros, the hot air fryer from Princess currently costs only 79.99 euros, free shipping. This is the historical best price – the machine usually costs 100 euros or even significantly more.

The Princess 182080 steam fryer works not only as a hot air fryer, but also as a steamer. As a result, the food tastes better on the one hand, and it is richer on the other. The device from Princess owns 8 Programme, depending on which dish is to be prepared. Not just one Capacity of 6.5 liters, but also with one Temperature up to 200 degrees the model is competitive. In addition, you don’t have to keep an eye on the time independently during cooking or deep-frying, as a timer is integrated.

You can steam and deep-fry with the air fryer (Image: Princess).

Benefits of a hot air fryer

If you go to a healthy eating pays attention to buying a hot air fryer. As already written above, the food is prepared gently and with little or no fat, so that it corresponds to a low-calorie diet. This leaves the original taste and the nutritional values of the groceries received. Due to the numerous programs, there are no limits to the imagination many dishes possible are.

Other pluses are the easy cleaning and low odor development. If you have a distinctive smell in the kitchen when deep-frying in fat, this will not happen with a hot air fryer. However, some dishes, such as French fries or nuggets, don’t get quite as crispy as they do in the oven, for example. In addition, the preparation can take a little more time than with other devices, as there is no preheating.

If you would like to find out more about the best hot air fryers (test), we will show you our recommendations in a separate article.

All information about Black Friday 2021 at a glance:

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