Blade Runner: Ridley Scott confirms live-action series

After knowing for some time that Alien a series will be received, filmmaker Ridley Scott has now also confirmed a live-action implementation of Blade Runnerthat is already in production.

The pilot episode of the Blade Runner series is almost finished

In an interview, the director announced that the adaption of the Sci-Fi series was making good progress. Among other things, the script is the Pilot sequence almost finished. The core of the rest of the season has also already been noted. All in all ten episodes with a total length of ten hours should include Blade Runner.

The Alien series has made similar progress

It’s been almost a year since Alien was announced as a TV series. At the time, the show was described as an alien story set to play out on Earth for the first time. Noah Hawley is involved in the project as a showrunner. As with Blade Runner, the pilot of the series should be. Season 1 should offer between eight and ten hours of material.

Blade Runner animation series started a few days ago

The upcoming series adaptation of Blade Runner isn’t the only show that’s currently an issue, however. A few days ago there was an animation series on Crunchyroll called Blade Runner: Black Lotus started, which is based on the films. A total of 13 episodes will be released over the coming weeks.

Those: Variety

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Blade Runner: Trailer for the animated series Blade Runner: Black Lotus

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