Buried Stars to be released on Steam on November 30th

The official launch date of ‘Berryd Stars’, which announced a Steam release within November of this year, has been confirmed. The Steam version of Buried Stars will be officially released on November 30th.

‘Berrid Stars’, developed by Line Games Studio Largo, is an adventure game that was first released on a console platform by PD Jin Seung-ho. Adopting a unique concept of a communication x survival adventure game, Buried Stars was released on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PS VITA platforms on July 30 last year.

‘Berrid Stars’ is characterized by unraveling the tense story of characters isolated due to a collapse accident that occurred during a survival audition with the keywords of ‘communication’ such as dialogue and SNS. After receiving good reviews after its release, on September 18, last year, Berrid Stars held an online user concert of Berrid Stars through YouTube.

The Steam global version of Buried Stars, which will be released on November 30, supports Japanese, English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, including Korean, and supports Korean and Japanese voices, as well as an official OST. The main game is the same as the console version, and it can also be operated using a controller.

More details can be found on the official Buried Stars Steam page.