Check the corona certificate – is it real and valid?

With every customer contact under 2G or 3G rules, you have to check whether the corona certificate presented is valid. This is easier than you might think and GIGA explains what you have to pay attention to.

There are basically only two ways to prove whether someone complies with the 2G rule (vaccinated and recovered) or the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered or tested): Either there is a digital certificate that is printed out or on the mobile phone exists, or you have the “yellow vaccination certificate”. At least you can check digital certificates that anyone can easily get.

Check digital corona certificates – which rules apply?

  • Anyone who has been vaccinated, recovered or tested receives proof of this.
  • In the simplest case, this is the yellow vaccination card with stickers, stamps and a doctor’s signature.
  • Proof of a test or a passed corona infection is provided in the form of a document on which there is also a complex QR code. This can be read into the Corona warning app, the CovPass app or the Luca app, where it is then saved as evidence.

There is a Basic rule, if checks whether a corona certificate is genuine:

At the same time as checking the certificate or vaccination pass, the identity of the person must still be confirmed by a valid official ID or a driver’s license!

It still happens that someone simply shows a screenshot of a certificate that actually belongs to someone else.

How to check a digital corona certificate:

  1. Install the app “CovPassCheck“ (Unten download links).
  2. Start the app – the first time you have to allow access to the camera.
  3. Invites the person to meet you Show certificate – it can be printed out on paper or in an app.
  4. On the overview page tap on “Scan the certificate“And scans the QR code with it.
  5. Well you get indicates whether the certificate is valid and also see the Name and date of birth of the verified person. You now have to check this data on the basis of identification documents.


Developer: Robert Koch Institute

CovPass Check

CovPass Check

Developer: Robert Koch Institute

If someone was able to steal a digital certificate or even forge it, the app will probably not discover it. As a rule, she works with a list of pharmacies and doctors who have noticed falsified certificates and whose certificates have therefore been blocked.

In any case, you can see whether the displayed certificate was actually issued to this person and whether it is still valid at all. A Corona certificate can expire and then a new one has to be created. All of this is shown to you quickly in this app, without having to dig through all the data.

Checking the vaccination card is a problem because the paper document has already been forged many times. A layperson cannot tell whether it is a fake. However, anyone can easily get a digital certificate from their doctor or pharmacy – if their vaccination is real.

If someone complains that they object to the tracking of their data, then we recommend the CovPass app for the digital certificate: It only saves the imported certificates and there is no data exchange with government agencies.

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