Com2uS Headquarters Construction Promotion, Group Companies’ Competency Consolidation Formation of ‘Future Global Strategic Cluster’ | Ruri Web

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– Com2uS promotes the establishment of an office building to secure an integrated growth and R&D environment for group companies… Create a strategic base to target the next-generation global market

– Constructed with a total floor area of ​​100,000 square meters on a 10,000 square meter site in the Euljiro 3-ga area

– As a value chain cluster that gathers the capabilities of group companies to promote future businesses such as games, block chains, and Com2bus

– Plan to provide a pleasant work environment with accessibility and abundant infrastructure and transportation by selecting the site of the new office building as the center of Seoul

Mobile game company Com2uS (CEOs Jae-Jun Song, Joo-Hwan Song) will promote the construction of a new office building to gather the capabilities of the group companies and create a future strategic cluster to target the next-generation global market.

Com2uS announced on the 22nd that it has decided to build a new office building for the integrated growth of group companies’ competitiveness and secure the best R&D environment, and to acquire stocks from other corporations for this purpose.

The new office building will be built on a site of about 10,000 square meters in Jung-gu with a total floor area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters and will become a new landmark in Euljiro 3-ga. Com2uS plans to move in all of its group companies in 2026, and it will be established as a strategic base to target the future global content market.

It will be used as a space for R&D and business expansion by all group companies for high-quality games to target the global market, blockchain business and metaverse platform ‘Com2Verse’. The plan is to create a value chain cluster that maximizes the synergy of affiliates.

The Euljiro area, where Com2us’ new headquarters will be located, is located in the center of Seoul, so it has excellent accessibility from both the city center and the outskirts, and the convenience of work is also high thanks to the abundant surrounding infrastructure and transportation facilities. In addition, it is an area that is emerging as a new cultural community space for the MZ generation enough to be called hip-jiro. Com2uS’s new office building will provide a more pleasant work environment for its employees and will be prepared as a space where they can freely and highly develop their creative capabilities through work-life balance.

Com2us said, “We have carefully decided to build the office building in consideration of synergy among group companies and convenience of work. ” he said.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]