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CREST Co., Ltd. Announces Update Schedule with Additional Content for ‘Last Light’ | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

CREST Co., Ltd. announced that an update including additional content for the horror adventure game produced by Team Corn Field will be distributed on 11/24 (Wednesday).

Decide on an update date

As previously announced on 11/8 (Mon), it was announced that an update containing several additional elements will be released on 11/24 (Wed) so that you can be more immersed in the world view.

Expected distribution date: 11/24 (Wed) 14:00 ~

Update content

▶ Gameplay

∙ Add character/quest

∙ Added some stories

∙ New voice added according to the above

∙ Add special direction

▶ System

∙ Added Korean voice

∙ Added many achievements

Details of each item will be released after the update

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Trial update

As with the main version, Korean voices will be added to the trial version, and will be distributed on the same date as the main update so that you can select the desired voice. In addition, the trial version is being distributed ‘indefinitely’ thanks to favorable reviews, and you can experience the atmosphere of the main game in advance.

Steam Store Page:

It contains different directing and specifications from the main story.

… The background is a dark abandoned hospital.

On the way to the test of courage, Seol-hwa realizes that her friends have disappeared.

An old abandoned hospital appears in front of such a story…

Last Light is a horror adventure game set in an abandoned hospital.

The main character, Seol-hwa, has to escape the attacking ghosts and escape safely by relying only on the light of a flashlight in her hand. In the process, he gradually comes face to face with the hospital’s grim past…

■ Product overview

[Sales]: CREST

[Development]: TEAM CORN FIELD

[Platform]: Steam®, NintendoSwitch™

[Genre]: Horror Adventure

[Number of players]: 1 person

[Release Date]: Steam® August 26, 2021 (Thu)

[Sales price]: Steam® 16,900 won

[Languages ​​supported]: Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)

[CV]: Iori Nomizu, Mariya Ise, etc.

Steam Store Page:

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■ CREST Co., Ltd.

[ Company Name ]: CREST Co., Ltd.

[Official Website]:

[ representative ]: Representative Director Junmo Yang : Representative Director Mikami Masataka

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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