Easy to understand with a 4 frame manga! New update for ‘Black Crown: Wrath of the Catfish King’

T&K Factory(TNK Factory, Representative Shin Hee-tae)is an idle type developed by Coupon and serviced by RPG Mobile game ‘Black Crown’: The Catfish King’s Wrath has been updated. 22day said.

In this update, when you run the game, you can help to understand the game. 4The cut manga story is exposed, making it easier to play.

In addition, the ‘Book of Thunder’ has been added to the magic book. Stormbreaker reinforcement is possible, Most of the skin book stats are also increased..

In particular, gold and diamond rewards have been greatly increased when offline, completing a truly idle game.. Compared to the past, gold 500%, the diamond 200%It is planned to reduce the burden on users by increasing to.

At the same time, the probability of upgrading equipment has increased., The maximum amount of chests that can be obtained through sacrificing is also increased..

In addition, the probability of the appearance of artifacts increases, Asmodian commands and mine contents are also reset every day, so you can get more items..

‘Black Crown: You can find more details about ‘Wrath of the Catfish King’ at the official Naver Game Lounge..

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