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Forza Horizon 5: Feature allows father to play with sick daughter

Forza Horizon 5 offers a wide range of useful options and settings for accessibility. An aspect that we already praised in our test of the racing game.

The importance of such accessibility features can now also be seen from the story of a family man. Because in it he describes how, thanks to a simple option, he can finally play with his daughter again.

Forza Horizon 5 in the test: a debatable masterpiece


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Forza Horizon 5 in the test: a debatable masterpiece

How a family benefits from Forza’s accessibility

This is what the father reports: Worried on Reddit just a few days ago a post in the Forza Horizon forum for a stir. The user Outrageous-Nature-95 It shares his story and that of his now ten-year-old daughter Sophie.

At the age of seven, Sophie was the victim of a car accident from which she sustained serious injuries from which she still suffers to this day. Before that, Outrageous-Nature-95 spent numerous game evenings together playing games on Xbox consoles.

After the accident, Sophie’s father tried to maintain the tradition of playing evenings together, which his daughter could only watch: Due to her injuries, Sophie was no longer able to operate a regular controller.

Outrageous-Nature-95 now reports that it stumbled across an important feature of Forza Horizon 5 by chance: automatic steering. This attitude actually does exactly what it says on the tin. Your own car follows certain routes or streets, while the player himself controls the speed.

For Outrageous-Nature-95 this little feature for more accessibility is of great importance: Sophie can now play again by taking control of the gas and the brakes and the game leads her to the goal.

According to Outrageous-Mature-95, the opportunity to play together again after many difficult years is finally a ray of hope for both of them. With his Reddit post, the father is now trying to thank the developers of Forza Horizon 5 for this option him and Sophie mean the world. We have included the entire article for you as follows:

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There is a lot of compassion and sympathy in the comments on the Reddit post, other users say thank you for the story or share similar experiences. At the same time, the community is also helpful and gives Sophie’s father more options for barrier-free games – such as the Xbox Adaptive Controller – attentive.

Our own community also has a few useful tips in store: For example, User Onsche opened a forum thread in which he gives recommendations on games, tools and hardware for barrier-free gaming. It’s best to just take a look yourself.

Game recommendations for accessibility in the GameStar forum

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Game recommendations for accessibility in the GameStar forum

The feature doesn’t just meet with approval

Interestingly, Outrageous-Nature-95 only came across the feature by chance. According to his own statement, he actually only read articles about AFK exploits by Forza Horizon 5, which, among other things, list automatic steering as a method.

Because of this, the automatic steering as a feature has been criticized in numerous forums: Because the setting for more accessibility can be misused to steal currency or new rewards – in some posts even the removal of the feature is therefore requested.

But what many forget: Even if some players can cheat themselves something with the help of comparable options, accessibility features should not be dispensed with. Because what is a little frustration for some means the world for others, because they can finally pursue their favorite hobby again.

We’ll show you where you can find the option in the following screenshot:

The option for automatic steering can be found in the settings of Forza Horizon 5 in the sub-item

The option for automatic steering can be found in the settings of Forza Horizon 5 under “Difficulty”.

Video game accessibility podcast

If you are more interested in the topic yourself, Micha and Natalie have already dealt with the topic of inclusion and accessibility in video games in episode 87 of our GameStar podcast. Here Melanie Eilert and Lukas Baumann, two passionate players with physical limitations, report which hurdles have already been overcome – and which are still there:

Link to Podcast content

What do you think of the Reddit story? Have you had a similar experience with video game accessibility options? Do you think enough is being done to make games accessible? Let us know in the comments!


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