Graphics cards: The prices remain at a high level

Graphics card prices remain high

Graphics card prices had continued to rise since the late summer of 2020, and the graphics cards that Nvidia and AMD had gradually released since autumn 2020 also became significantly more expensive than the official recommended price almost immediately after their release. the Website wccftech now reports on the situation, according to the market prices for gaming graphics cards are about twice as high as what AMD and Nvidia actually give as recommended retail prices. In addition, there seems to be little hope that the situation will ease in the foreseeable future. According to the analysis by wccftech, Nvidia graphics cards are currently 95 percent and AMD graphics cards 90 percent more expensive than their recommended prices, although the information only refers to the newer GeForce RTX 3000 and Radeon RX 6000 series. Most graphics cards are available, however – so there is no complete defect, just a defect that is large enough not to persuade retailers to lower their prices.

We also analyzed the graphics card market a little more than a week ago, explained possible reasons for the crisis and prepared a purchase advice for you based on the current graphics card prices. What was it like then, and what has happened in less than 10 days? We had determined prices for the AMD Radeon RX models from the 6600 to the 6800 XT averaging 97 percent compared to the RRP, and for the Nvidia models from the RTX 3060 to the RTX 3080 it was 101 percent. In the last few days the prices have sunk in some cases, so that today, November 22nd, we are at 92 and 102 percent respectively, as far as our own calculation for the German market is concerned. At Nvidia, the RTX 3060 was more expensive and is even more than 140 percent surcharge compared to its RRP – other Nvidia models, on the other hand, were a little cheaper than nine days ago.

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