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Halo Infinite: First person shooter achieves gold status

While the multiplayer part of Halo Infinite has been available for a short time, lets the single player campaign of the first person shooter are still a long way off. The good news for all fans: The release planned for December 8, 2021 will definitely be adhered to, there will be no further delay.

Halo Infinite achieves Gold status

As 343 Industries announced via Twitter, work on the release version of Halo Infinite has now been completed. Thus, the first person shooter the so-called gold status achieved. The solo campaign will appear punctually on December 8, 2021 for the PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

Owner of the Xbox Game Pass can get Halo Infinite (buy now 115,98 €)By the way, download and play directly on launch day at no additional cost.

What can you expect from the Halo Infinite campaign?

At the beginning of the story campaign, you’ll find yourself aboard a Banished warship. You accompany the Master Chief in his search for a new companion AI to help him save humanity. Instead of a linear solo adventure, however, this time you explore eine Open World.

In this open game world you can take outposts that give you access to bases, vehicles and weapons. In addition, as you explore the open world, you switch on new activities on the map that should keep you busy. These include fortresses, smaller in-game missions and many other things. Among other things, a day-night change should ensure an intense atmosphere. For more details, check out our Halo Infinite Campaign Preview.

Those: Twitter

Halo Infinite | PREVIEW | The campaign in the final check before release

Halo Infinite has achieved gold status. (2) [Quelle: PC Games]

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