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– Forum planning of ‘discussing current issues of resource outsourcing developers and development/support directions for game fields’

– Held the ‘4th Game Madang Open Forum’ (November 23)

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency, and hosted by the Korea Game Developers Association, the ‘2021 Game Data Sharing Field Operation Project’ will be held on November 23 (Tuesday) 14:00 ~ 16:30 It will be held online, under the theme of identifying current issues of resource outsourcing developers and discussing the direction of development/support for the Game Madang platform.

Outline of ‘2021 game data sharing yard operation business’

‘2021 Game Data Sharing Madang Operation Project (Platform Name: Game Madang)’ collects and manages idle game development resources (including various graphic resources) developed in Korea through transfer agreements, so that domestic game developers, game-related public educational institutions and It is being provided free of charge to students to improve game development efficiency and to establish a win-win system for a healthy game ecosystem.

In 2021, 2D graphic resources will be secured first, and a platform pilot service is currently underway for domestic game-related departments and game-related public educational institutions.

The main goal of Game Madang is to preserve development costs and establish a virtuous cycle by sharing free game development resources that are outsourced due to a large number of people who are invested in in-house development in the game industry and purchase costs are high, or due to a lack of in-house development manpower. It is to promote coexistence.

In addition, the transfer of copyrights, which is the basis and core of the game data sharing platform operation business, is based on the transfer unit price established in advance according to the copyright transfer contract after receiving transfer applications and selecting and evaluating the graphic resources buried due to project suspension and termination. Follow the procedure to receive paid transfers in units of packages. Meanwhile, in this regard, the Copyright/Resources/Platform subcommittee, composed of experts in various fields such as resources, platforms, and copyrights, gathers to discuss, establish standards, and carry out the necessary procedures at each stage.

Game Madang, where the platform construction and operation plan has been established since 2020, has been operating a pilot service for game-related departments and public educational institutions from February 2021, and on November 29, 2021, the target of membership is limited to developers/developers. We plan to expand and open official services.

‘2021 Game Data Sharing Field Operation Business Forum’ Operation Overview

The Game Madang Open Forum was designed to present a long-term vision for the game data sharing platform operation business and to secure data and share opinions to establish a mid- to long-term development plan for the platform.

It is held for the purpose of receiving advice on the mid- to long-term development of the Game Madang platform through presentations and discussions by game industry experts, and collecting platform users’ opinions through real-time Q&A and discussion with users.

The ‘2021 Game Madang’ open forum was planned for a total of 4 sessions, and the topics and goals for each session are as follows.

It was composed of the 1st game field for nurturing game talent, the 2nd game field for indie game development, the 3rd game field for small and medium-sized developers, and the 4th resource outsourcing developer and game field for the game industry ecosystem. It aims to establish the development direction and scalability of the ‘2021 game data sharing field operation project’ through the topic of discussion for each session.

This ‘4th Game Madang Open Forum’ was hosted by Creative Workshop CEO Shin So-heon and Manakri Lee Won-seok as presenters, Visual Dart CEO Lee Jae-yoon, Stage 8 CEO Lee Wan-hee and writer Kim Yun-jeong as presenters, and as a game field suitable for current issues and current status of resource outsourcing developers. Discussion of platform development/support direction will be mainly dealt with.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]