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Kuka Games ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, ‘G-Star 2021’ BTC Booth Event Successfully | Ruri Web

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– ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ G-Star 2021 Booth Event Successfully Ended

– For the first time, ‘Cheonryu’, a user-dedicated brand movie produced by director Woo Sam, was released through G-Star TV.

– Personal broadcasting and official broadcasting in consideration of users who cannot visit the site

Kuka Games announced on the 22nd that the ‘G-Star 2021’ BTC booth event of the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, a season-based mobile strategy simulation game (SLG) based on the Three Kingdoms that the company is servicing, has successfully ended.

At the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ booth at ‘G-Star 2021’ BTC Building C 14, the ‘Three Wars King’ quiz event, ‘Is it a prize that will become a golden hand?’ Events were held throughout the event period, and it succeeded in attracting a variety of visitors, including users of the actual ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’.

In addition to the regular events, real Three Kingdoms users and BJs ‘Magician Juni’, ‘Gamer Kugners’, and ‘Leon GameTv’ visited the site and had time to talk freely about the game with many users, from the 19th to the 21st. On the afternoon of the day, BJ Jeon Tae-gyu (Ta-gyu), a famous person both inside and outside the game, was one of the representative faces of the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ and actively communicated with the audience and announced the game.

On the other hand, ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ also unveiled for the first time the user tribute brand movie ‘Cheonryu’, produced by director Woo Sam, produced for users in ‘G-Star 2021’. On the 17th, it was first released through G-Star TV’s official broadcast and attracted attention, and after that, a movie screening time was also held at the booth.

The ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, which successfully completed the G-Star event, is a mobile seasonal SLG with high user satisfaction with high perfection and stable balance every season. Based on a real-time large-scale war that uses a near-infinite strategy using terrain, features, and various systems, the season system was introduced so that it could start on the same line every season, and was welcomed by many users.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]


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