Lidl Connect is giving away LTE volume: everyone receives 10 GB for free

With Lidl Connect there is currently 10 GB of data volume free. (Image source: GIGA)

Lidl Connect is distributing an early Christmas present: 10 GB of free LTE volume can be dusted off using the Lidl Connect app. The gift is available for both new and existing customers – but it doesn’t last forever.

Lidl Connect is giving away 10 GB of LTE volume

Lidl has launched a new campaign through its mobile phone service, one of which is exceptional not only new customers benefit. Existing customers will also receive an LTE gift amounting to 10 GB. Activation takes place via the Lidl Connect app and can be carried out immediately. The additional data volume can be bagged until December 27, 2021.

To the tariffs of Lidl Connect

Lidl Connect then considered a few minor restrictions: The 10 GB of additional LTE volume are only available a maximum of 28 days after activation to disposal. If you have not used up the volume by then, you can no longer use it afterwards. In addition, the tariff within Lidl Connect cannot be changed during the promotional period without losing the LTE gift.

In order to be able to receive the 10 GB LTE volume, only one of the four Smart tariffs from Lidl Connect needs to be active. The present stands exclusively in the Lidl Connect app and not available on the website (source: Lidl Connect).

What makes a good cell phone tariff? The answer is here at Video:

Lidl Connect: LTE tariffs start at 4.99 euros

Lidl Connect offers four tariffs that are not paid per month, but every four weeks. With the exception of the smallest tariff, Smart XS, there is a flat rate for telephony and SMS. Stand by the LTE volume between 1 GB and 12 GB to disposal. In terms of price, the offers are between 4.99 euros and 17.99 euros every four weeks. Vodafone surfs the net at up to 25 megabits per second in the download.

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