Lost Ark, the world’s first wine x game collaboration

E-Mart 24 sells a limited edition of ‘Château Montferra Lost Arc Wine’ package (45,000 sets). ‘Château Montferra Lost Arc Wine’ (hereafter Lost Arc Wine) is the world’s first game collaboration wine produced to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the launch of the popular game Lost Arc.

With the meaning of the time spent with adventurers (users) for 3 years from 2018, the 2018 Château Montferra red wine is labeled with an image representing Lost Ark. The logo of Lost Arc is also engraved on the ‘Spigelau Vinobino Bordeaux Wine Glass’ included in the package, adding to the meaning.

Customers who want to purchase the Lost Arc Wine Package can purchase it through the E-Mart 24 mobile app reservation purchase from 10 am on Monday, the 22nd of this month, and pick it up at the store on the specified date. The price is 55,000 won.

This Lost Arc wine is meaningful in that it is a product that announces the beginning of change by collaborating with a game that young people enjoy with French wine, which has a conservative image based on strict standards for history and wine. In fact, it is the first time that Chateau Montferra has collaborated while changing the label, and this is the first time that the subject is a game among wines around the world.

Chateau Montpera made its name known in a famous wine cartoon when it was expressed that the moment you drink it, you can hear the legendary rock group Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

There is also an event in which various items and gifts are presented through a lottery to customers who have made a reservation. More detailed information can be found through the E-Mart 24 mobile app starting on the 22nd.

An official from E-Mart 24 said, “In line with the needs of customers who enjoy the game, we have decided to sell a limited edition ‘Lost Arc Chateau Montferra Wine Package’, which has a luxurious image, rarity that stimulates the desire to own, and can be well received as a gift.” In September, E-Mart 24 launched the industry’s first wine-inspired Villa M Jelly, followed by limited sales of wine in collaboration with a popular game. said