Microsoft is taking action: The need to use the Edge browser remains

Microsoft wants to prevent Windows 11 users from ignoring the Edge browser. Tools to bypass the software should be blocked via a new update. Microsoft already has a reason.

Windows 11: Microsoft will soon prohibit Edge bypass

With Windows 11, Microsoft’s Edge browser is also back in the game. Since Edge can hardly refer to a significant market share, Microsoft would like the Now force success. It is not intended to be uninstalled, and third-party tools are now making life difficult. Microsoft would like to completely deprive them of their function with a “fix”, as has now become known.

The background for Microsoft’s decision are the activities of the developers of Mozilla Firefox and the third-party tool “EdgeDeflector”. In Windows 11, help pages and search suggestions open automatically in the Edge browser. This also happens if, for example, Firefox or Chrome are entered as the standard browser in Windows 11.

Im Video: So you change the standard browser in Windows 11.

If Microsoft has its way, the Edge browser in Windows 11 “Certain end-to-end user experiences” ready without going into detail. These are so important that other browsers cause problems via an “impermissible redirection”. One would now like to work on a “fix”, which will probably find its way into Windows 11 via an upcoming update.

Edge constraint on Windows 11: Firefox annoyed

the Firefox developer Of course, don’t believe in Microsoft’s plan and have already published a statement. According to Firefox, customers should always have the choice of which browser they want to use: “We have been working on a code that starts Firefox when the Microsoft Edge protocol is used for those users who have already selected Firefox as the default browser” ( Source: The Verge).

Even before Windows 11 was released, Microsoft came under fire when it became known that it would be difficult to change the standard browser.