Netmarble won the grand prize in two categories at the 14th Korea Communication Awards

Data provided – Netmarble

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Lee Seung-won) announced on the 22nd that it won the Korea Social Media Award and the Korea Digital Content Award at the ‘2021 14th Korea Communication Awards’ announced by the Korea Internet Communication Association on the 22nd.

The Korea Communication Awards is an event that evaluates and awards companies that communicate with consumers using digital communication marketing tools such as the Internet, social media, and mobile. Through a four-step evaluation process including communication index evaluation, content competitiveness index evaluation, operability evaluation, and monitoring, this award was selected as the grand prize in the IT and game sector of the ‘Korea Social Media Grand Prize’ and the grand prize in the brand content sector of the ‘Korea Digital Contents Grand Prize’. .

Netmarble obtained an S grade of 88.39 in the 2021 Customer Satisfaction Index, which is higher than the average of 83.09 of the top 100 companies, and among them, the ‘Contents Competitiveness Index’ recorded the highest score of 92.24.

Netmarble’s new media activities have been recognized for its consistent and fresh content by winning awards at various awards ceremonies. Netmarble was recognized for its influence on various platforms by winning the grand prize in the YouTube section, as well as the grand prize in blog, Facebook, and Instagram at this year’s ‘Social Eye Awards 2021’. At the ‘2019 12th Korea Communication Awards’ held earlier, it won the Korea Social Media Grand Prize and the Korea Contents Grand Prize, and won two awards.

Hyeonseop Lim, Head of New Media Team, said, “Netmarble will continue to expand its base to the global market through original content using short form videos. “He said.

Meanwhile, Netmarble is providing a variety of original content produced by itself through its representative YouTube channel ‘Netmarble TV’. In addition, we are communicating with users through online showcases and official broadcasting systems that are in line with the Corona era, and we are also operating a ‘Partner Creator’ system for a healthy ecosystem of creators.