New Insights into League of Legends-Fighting Game Project L

Riot Games is the octopus among video game companies: after the huge success of the Mobas League of Legendsthat represents the basis of the company, you are now expanding your own spectrum considerably. While a series from the League of Legends universe currently dominates Netflix with Arcane, two single-player games have just been released with Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem.

And Riot has no plans to stop expanding territory anytime soon: next comes on Fighting Game on the plan. This is called Project L and was presented in 2019. Now you threw one in a six-minute video Look behind the scenes and shared the progress made in development.

The League of Legends heroes in fierce battles

As you educate viewers in the video, Project L is one “Assist-based Fighter”. Even if the battles are primarily champion versus champion, you choose one before the battle begins second character, which you then use as support and with which you can swap places at any time.

The game is supposed to easy to learn but difficult to master be: one would like to Beginners and professionals of the genre alike. Different combos require different levels of game understanding and offer different depths of game, so that learning new characters is beginner-friendly, while the detailed examination should be rewarding for persevering players.

In the new video some of the different combos have already been introduced and Project L offers many aspects of a classic 2D fighting game such as guarding, guard breaks, overhead attacks and special attacks.

Close ties to the League of Legends universe

Project L is of course also in League of Legends universe settled that under the name Runeterra is known. Accordingly, the fighters of the title are heroes from the Moba of the same name. In the new video are already Ahri, Jinx, Darius and Ekko to be seen in all their glory.

Anyone who has already played LoL will be Attention to detail notice in the heroes’ various combat maneuvers: Ekko, for example, uses his past self, to which he can jump with his time travel ability, for example to extend combos or to correct mistakes – just like in the Moba.

Unfortunately, they did not reveal when Project L will be released. One is still there pretty deep in development, but want to keep fans up to date from now on.

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