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New World: New patch has probably made the game worse

Amazon’s MMORPG New World recently received the first major content update with patch 1.1, which included a new weapon, a few bug fixes and improvements, and a new opposing “faction”.

Patch 1.1 has probably made New World worse

Of course, some players have looked at the new update, but only very few are really satisfied. A Look at the review charts from Steam reveals that the The number of negative reviews has increased significantly since November 18th. On November 20 alone, the MMO received almost 2,000 negative and just 336 positive reviews.

In the official forums of the title and also on Reddit players expressed their frustration with the new update. Although Amazon published a PTR in which future updates can be tested, nonetheless Patch 1.1 shows rather poor quality, because the developers probably ignored the feedback from the community.

Players are not happy with the new update

As the Internet is like, it has become numerous, of course Memes shared about the new update. Also is that Greataxe still a pretty powerful weapon in the outpost rush, which dwarfs most other builds. Amazon has been in this state so far but not addressed.

Players continue to complain that the new Patch probably significantly strengthened some PvE opponents, after weapons like the fire staff and life staff have been weakened. The combat of the game was made this makes it a lot more annoying. Unfortunately, the new weapon offers hardly any advantages for healers eitherwhich should have got a new DPS option with this one.

As of patch 1.1, players receive a bonus on their lucky value if they are marked for PvP. However, this is probably much too high, which has caused the prices of various items to crash. The merged auction houses also play a role here. Especially on servers on which a faction controls most of the territories, players can activate PvP without any problems in order to take advantage of the increased luck value.

The communication between employees is also not ideal for many players. The community moderator Ligase48 was named for his criticized sharp choice of words towards a player.

For some players, the new one has Patch broke the barrelbecause the developers simply don’t listen to the community and implement changes that made the game even more frustrating.

According to SteamDB On average, around 100,000 players still play Amazon’s New World (buy now 39,99 €). With the new patch, this number will probably shrink a little further, as many users have already announced in the forums that To turn your back on the game completely.

There isn’t much left of the initial success of New World, and it looks like they are Developers not sure how to get their players back. Many players still have fun with the new MMORPG, but without satisfactory new content, even the most loyal New World player will eventually have enough of Amazon’s MMO.

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