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Nexon, ‘Kartrider Rush Plus X Shinhan Heiyoung’ Partnership Promotion | Ruri Web

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– Shinhan Bank’s representative characters ‘Molly’ and ‘Sol’ sequentially released as in-game collaboration cart characters

– You can acquire new items through game play, such as collecting item pieces and completing missions

– ‘Molang Molang Molly’ coupons and cultural gift vouchers present in the ‘Sol’ app until December 26th

Nexon Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeong-heon Lee) announced on the 22nd that it will conduct a partnership promotion with Shinhan Bank (CEO Jin Ok-dong) in the mobile racing game ‘Kart Rider Rush Plus (hereinafter referred to as Carruple)’.

Through this promotion, Nexon will launch a collaboration item with ‘Shinhan Bank Heiyoung’ in ‘Caruple’. On November 22, you can meet ‘Molang Molang Molly’, a jump rider cart where the character runs directly on the track, and on December 10, Shinhan Bank’s representative character, ‘Sol’, all in the legend level in the game.

From November 22nd to December 26th, all users who access the event page of Shinhan Bank’s mobile application ‘SOL’ will receive a ‘Molang Molang Molly (Permanent)’ coupon, and the first 100,000 people will receive a cultural Additional gift vouchers will be provided.

In the ‘Caruple’ game, 4 alphabet pieces of ‘M’, ‘O’, ‘L’, and ‘I’ are given to users who are participating in all battles from November 25th to January 11th next year, and each alphabet For every 20 collected, ‘15,000 Energy Crystals’ are provided. If you collect 20 or more of all four alphabets, you can get ‘Molang Molang Molly (Permanent)’.

Meanwhile, from December 10th to January 11th next year, when certain missions such as 10 item ranking matches, 10 speed ranking matches, and 100 minutes of invincible login time are achieved, event fragment items that can be exchanged for the character ‘Sol’ are provided.

You can find more information about this promotion and the game ‘Carruple’ on the Shinhan SOL app, the game’s official website, and the community.

Shinhan Heiyoung Sol (SOL) Events:

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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