‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ to debut successfully at G-Star 2021

Data provided – Shift Up

‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ successfully finished ‘G-Star 2021’.

Shift Up, who first participated in G-Star, attracted the attention of visitors by presenting its next work, Nike: Goddess of Victory, in 80 large-scale booths. A total of 70 mobile demonstration devices were installed in the booth to maximize the experience of ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’.

In particular, ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ is a new work of Shift Up, which took off the veil at this G-Star, and a demonstration build was prepared, which drew a good response from the audience. Even without a separate event, there was a queue of more than an hour, and most of the spectators filled the maximum play time of 20 minutes per person.

The viewers who experienced the game chose the character illustration and the sense of impact as the biggest attraction of ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’. After the game experience, they enjoyed large character illustrations and trailers at the shift-up booth, and had a fun time taking pictures in the photo zone that reproduced the in-game screen.

Hyung-seok Hyung, director of Shift Up, said, “‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ is a game that will thrill users with its gameplay and raise expectations with its unique IP appearance in the market. We will see you soon with perfection.”