Nintendo meets mobile phone: Samsung designer has a brilliant idea

Nowadays, modern cell phones often serve as an adequate substitute for Gameboy. Real gamers are not completely happy, however, because there is a lack of innovative game controls. However, Nintendo knows its way around that. A talented Samsung designer inspired a brilliant idea.

One thinks about Nintendo, fall one in the last few years extraordinary operating concepts a. The Wii has been a huge success for years and the current Switch is also thrilling players around the world – mobile and stationary. And smartphones? The first choice for “casual gamers” because you always have it with you. However, the control is not innovative. The touchscreen is well known and motion sensors have not been a specialty since the first iPhone. There has to be more going, right?

Samsung designer designs Nintendo-style game controllers

He probably had the same thought South Koreans Juan Lee and designed a really sharp part. Lee is not just any “hobby designer”, but has been working directly for two years at Samsung as a product designer. But apart from his job, there are always new projects that are not directly related to Samsung. His most recent design: Of the „ICON“ Gamecontroller. Its shape, shape and function are reminiscent of its Nintendo counterparts.

ICON with thumb control is reminiscent of old Nintendo controllers (Image: Juan Lee)

Of the basic and above all modular structure is designed as follows: In a box that also functions as a smartphone holder, you will find two controllers – each for the left and right hand. They can be kept free, each a little reminiscent of the “nunchuk” of the Nintendo Wii. The special thing is the flexible approach. That’s how the controllers take one Set of different gamepads on the freely chosen and combined can be.

Full commitment without touching the display, you could of course also connect a TV wirelessly (Image: Juan Lee)

Mobile and stationary use à la Switch

But that’s not all Essays of the ICON also work independently of the controllers. So can this directly on the touchscreen of the smartphone and use it as a gamepad.

Equipped for mobile use (Image: Juan Lee)

the The idea is almost banal, but still ingenious. The controllers are used in stationary use, as is the case with the switch. On the go, you can simply leave them out and use the adhesive gamepads directly.

Well, that’s how it all started … still awesome today:

Actually, it would be unfortunate if the idea were to remain in the draft status alone. But maybe Juan Lee’s current employer will still enjoy it. Were surely an asset for Samsung and could bring some momentum to the recently somewhat dwindling smartphone sales. What is still missing are of course the ingenious games from Nintendo, but there has been a bit of rethinking in the past.