Unveils First Cloud Payment and NFT-Based Monetization Model for Mobile Games | Ruri Web

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Mobile cloud company announced on the 22nd that it will unveil the first cloud payment and NFT-based monetization model for mobile games.

‘Now Dodge’ is a mobile cloud service that provides new game experiences to game developers and gamers. With Now Dodge, gamers can enjoy games regardless of device or OS environment, share games quickly through social channels, and easily make payments through payment channels already in use.

The introduction of cloud payment and monetization models unveiled by ‘Now Dodge’, which claims to be the first global mobile platform for game developers, was focused on maximizing revenue generation for game developers.

Cloud payment of ‘Now Dodge’, which was developed in response to the rapid increase in NFT transactions and low fee policy in response to the popularity of mobile games worldwide, is expected to reach $29.1 billion in the mobile game market in 2022. It was noted that only 5% of game users using in-app payments. This means that there are still new revenue opportunities for game developers.

Through ‘Now Dodge’s cloud ‘top-up’ payment, game developers can monetize 95% of in-app payment costs. This is a form that can increase the in-app revenue margin of current game developers by about 25%. In addition, the introduction of the NFT market, NFT gift cards, and NFT game fan art is expected to provide an opportunity to generate new revenue from non-pay users.

If cloud payment is applied, game users will be able to make payments using cryptocurrency such as BTC, TC, ETH, and DOGE as well as real currencies from each country on the developer’s website. ‘Now Dodge’ predicts that the NFT market will be able to create a completely new revenue target that currently targets about 95% of unpaid users.

These high returns and new monetization are not possible with current app store policies, giving game developers another opportunity to monetize.

“The two trends that have had the biggest impact on game developers are the increase in recruiting costs caused by IDFA and the explosion in NFT volume,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO of NowDodge. “NFT volume is 4 billion per month. over the dollar, accounting for half of the annual mobile market. This means that there are still a lot of opportunities open for developers, and the mobile cloud will significantly increase developer returns and provide new NFT-based revenue channels. In the end, it will be an opportunity for revenue generation that is much larger than the existing in-app payment and app store models,” he said, emphasizing the importance of responding to the mobile game market in response to changes in global trends.

‘Now Dodge’ was developed to empower developers and provide a completely new mobile gaming experience to game users. By enabling the creation, sharing and monetization of games through the cloud, they are dramatically changing accessibility, growth potential, and business models. ‘Now Dodge’ is progressing smoothly with a goal of more than 1 billion minutes of game play time within this year, and with the addition of cloud payment, developers can get opportunities to expand the possibilities of generating various revenues.

Perfect World producer Bai Xue, an early partner of ‘Now Dodge’, said, “Mobile game users are going through a generational change. “Now Dodge Cloud Payments not only provides developers with a new revenue stream, but also provides a meaningful way to generate revenue from unpaid users. Thanks to this, Perfect World provides unique and valuable experiences to game users. Now Dodge’s cloud payment is a win-win method for both developers and game users.”

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]