PC’s new Anvil ahead of early access, intro video released

Action Square (CEO Yeonjun Kim) announced on the 22nd that it has released the first intro video of ‘ANVIL’, a shooting action game on its global new console PC platform.

ANVIL, which is scheduled for early access on December 2nd, is a top-down shooting action game that selects various characters and supports real-time multiplayer. In addition, through the rogue-like method, several players cooperate to advance the stage.

This intro video, first released by Action Square, includes fun elements about ‘Anvil’, a thrilling battle screen, powerful bosses, and introduction of various characters.

‘Anvil’, which is the main background in the video, is a base to search for bolts, the legacy of extraterrestrial civilizations scattered in space. Each galaxy is composed of random planets, various bosses appear, and you can get new and amazing powers by defeating all obstacles and obtaining artifacts.

On the other hand, Anvil has undergone a final global test on the 5th to secure in-game stability and quench for smooth gameplay.

This Early Access will be held simultaneously through Steam, Xbox, and Xbox Game Pass, a cloud game platform, and real-time multiplayer between Steam and Xbox users on other platforms is possible by applying a ‘cross-play’ system.