Pokémon Sinnoh remakes: bug can destroy the saved game!

A bug was found in the remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo Switch, which in the worst case scenario can even destroy your save game.

This bug can destroy your save game

The arena of the seventh arena manager Frida can cause problems as there is the possibility of locking yourself in the arena. In combination with the automatic save function, it can even happen that you are trapped there forever and thus have to start a new game. That would be very annoying at this advanced point in the game.

So you bypass the bug in Pokémon Shining Diamond & Shining Pearl

To avoid the softlock, you should be careful when using the stairs inside the arena. Otherwise it can happen that you slide down on the lowest level next to the stairs. As a result, you are trapped between the snowballs and can no longer get out of there without reloading your savegame.

It is advisable to deactivate the automatic save, so that the game does not unintentionally save in this dilemma and you cannot do anything other than start over. Only then is there really no way out.

In the embedded Twitter thread of the user @eclipse_tt you can see what the bug looks like in practice:

What’s the Tweaking Glitch?

But there are also less drastic bugs or glitches in Pokémon Radiant Diamond & Shining Pearl. One of them even returns from the original games, you can also find it in the Twitter thread by @eclipse_tt.

With the Tweaking Glitch it was possible in the 4th generation games to move outside the map by sliding your bike through a very specific wall. This allowed you to reach places outside the actual map and, among other things, catch event Pokémon that had not officially appeared. Its execution was not without risk, however, as it was easy to make mistakes that could lead to soft locks or even to lose your score.

Even triggering this glitch by accident is not entirely without risk, but unlike the bug in the seventh arena, it is virtually impossible. If you don’t want to take any chances, you’d better keep your hands off this glitch. The tweaking isn’t really of any use at the moment anyway, since unlike in the originals, it is not possible to get to special Pokémon.

Those: Nintendo Connect

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