Pragmata: Capcom’s space adventure postponed to 2023

What was again Pragmata? Capcom’s mysterious sci-fi adventure was released last June as part of the PS5 unveiling events presented as one of the first real next-gen games and has shone with its absence since then. Apart from the wicked trailer and a handful of artwork, Capcom has not leaked anything about its new brand in the past year and a half.

When does Pragmata appear?

Well there is one new information, however, it should not be the one that interested players have been waiting for. Like Capcom rolled into one Blog entry on his website proclaimed, becomes pragmatano longer as originally planned appear next year, but not until 2023. The only reason Capcom cites is that they want to create the most unforgettable adventure possible.

At least the publisher chose a charming method to announce the postponement: In a short video clip a blonde girl can be seen holding a sign with the scrawled, new date in the camera:

What is pragmata?

The girl is already known from the announcement trailer, which shows the surreal, A sci-fi setting by Pragmata reminiscent of Hideo Kojima introduced. The trailer shows an astronaut who trudges through a deserted New York and meets the hologram girl including the transparent cat. Then a satellite breaks through the sky and the two are sucked into space, whereupon they suddenly find themselves on the surface of the moon. Nothing is known about gameplay and story yet.

Will Pragmata appear on PS5?

Pragmata is slated for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2023. Of the original blog post The game continues to promise that there will be new details in 2021.

Pragmata: Trailer for Capcom’s mysterious sci-fi project

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