PS5: Now all of a sudden Sony wants to make faceplates themselves!

After Sony launched the PS5 showed in a video how easy it is to both Faceplates Many fans hoped that there would soon be various skins that players can use to change the design of their PS5s. However, nothing has been presented yet.

Patent is fueling speculation about PS5 faceplates

A few days ago a Patent published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which revolves exactly around interchangeable faceplates for PS5. This could be an indication that Sony is referring to the Selling your own skins prepared for the console. Other manufacturers could also obtain a license to produce their own faceplates.

Recently, Sony repeatedly took action against faceplate sellers

Just a month ago, Dbrand received an injunction from Sony for selling different faceplates for PS5 (buy now € 649.00) sold using suspiciously similar PlayStation symbols. The manufacturer has not received a permit.

Sony also sued “Customize My Plates” a year earlier. The shop is now online again with PS5 skins. In a statement at the time, Dbrand also assumed that Sony would soon be selling faceplates itself and would simply like to take some competitors off the market in advance.

Where can I buy the PS5 right now?

Even a year after the PS5 was released, the demand is enormous. One of the things that counts in Black Friday week is Amazon to favorites for new copies. Usually the sale takes place in the morning. We have a list of all the links below for you.


Other PS5 dealers

Those: United States Patent and Trademark Office

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