Tuesday, November 30

PS5: Sony deliberately throttled the console’s power

Sony has just registered a patent for removable faceplates, which is why you will probably be able to change the outside of your PlayStation 5 to suit your taste in the near future. Much more important than the look, however, are the inner values ​​of the console and this is where Marc Cerny, who lead system architect of PlayStation 5 now shared interesting information.

He presents in a video from Wired exclusive insights in the snow-white flagship of Sony and also explains that the console actually even more powerful could have been, but the power was deliberately throttled. The reason for this was probably some development studios.

What is the reason behind the weakened PlayStation 5?

In the video, Cerny doesn’t just talk about his own professional story – the good one has, after all 40 years of experience under his belt – but also about that Components of the PlayStation 5 (buy now € 649.00), like the SSD, the CPU, and the GPU. The latter in particular played a significant role in the development and ultimately led to the fact that one opted for one AMD processor with 8 cores Has decided.

“When we did our tour there were some developers who really wanted to use 16 cores. But video game development has gotten so graphics-centric that they backed off when we said we could set it up, but then would have to make the GPU smaller. “

Sure, compromises are sometimes necessary, players notice that with the Choice between graphics and performance mode often enough. For many developers, however, the optical quality seemed to be more important than the performance, which is why they decided against the 16 cores, because otherwise the GPU would have suffered as a result. If you look at most of the PlayStation titles that outperform each other in terms of graphic detail and still deliver a good performance, you have each other probably decided correctly.

Those: Wired

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