Secret Lab Hosts Black Friday for Bestseller ‘2022 Series’

Data provided – Secret Lab

Secretlab, which is loved all over the world in the gaming chair field, is holding a ‘Black Friday’ event starting on November 22.

The ‘Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 series’, released in August of this year, sold out on the day of release, and is now a lineup that has been converted to pre-order. This Black Friday event is the first time this product has been sold at a discount. In addition, Secretlab 2020 gaming chair products, which are the existing series, are on sale at the largest discount rate this year.

In response, a Secret Lab official said, “We prepared a large stock of popular products so that customers who purchase Secret Lab can enjoy the best benefits throughout the year, we prepared this Black Friday.”

The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 gaming chair series, which celebrates its first sale, is an upgraded version of the existing main model that strengthens ergonomic elements in existing products and enhances convenience in consideration of feedback from numerous users around the world.

Secret Lab has significantly strengthened the adjustment function to take a more correct and comfortable posture considering each person’s different body type, and Secret Lab’s product developers worked with researchers from the A*STAR institute. Ergonomics Advisory CommitteeThe durability of the chair has also been strengthened through rigorous and rigorous testing.

On the other hand, detailed information related to Secret Lab’s Black Friday can be found on the Secret Lab’s official website.