Spotify abolishes function – pop star Adele is the reason

Adele made an important change at Spotify. (Image source: Unsplash)

Spotify customers have to be prepared for a small but important change: Pop star Adele has probably enforced that songs on an album are only played in the intended order – without the shuffle function.

Spotify: Adele pushes back the shuffle function

Pop star Adele has apparently prevailed with a claim against the music streaming service Spotify. From now on the songs of an album should be played by default in the order determined by the artists themselves. The usual shuffle function is largely dispensed with. The random song selection is still available.

Previously, when viewing an album on Spotify, a small random play icon was displayed within the larger play button. Spotify plays the tracks on the album in a random order, which is not always wanted by all users and artists. Be now Songs played in the album view in the order in which they were intended – provided customers have a premium subscription.

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The shuffle function can now only be brought back via the individual view of a song and is so significantly less prominent to disposal. Adele already thanks Twitter for the change: “It’s not without reason that we create our albums with so much care and consideration. Our art tells a story, and our stories should be heard as we intended. Thanks, Spotify, for listening “(Source: Adele on Twitter).

Spotify: Shuffle Change In Time For Adele Album

The time for the change is certainly not a coincidence, Adele’s new album entitled “30” only started a few days ago on Spotify. The new song “Easy on Me” already holds the record for the most played song per day on Spotify.

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