Star Citizen: Crowdfunding breaks the 400 million dollar mark

Star Citizen is one of those gaming projects that has felt like it’s been in development for ages. It is not alone in this situation. Games like The Elder Scrolls 6 from Bethesda, Rockstar Games GTA 6 or those long awaited by fans Horror-Titel Abandoned and Scorn join the hall of waiting.

However, none of these games can work with the Sci-Fi-Titel from Cloud Imperium Games keep up.

Star Citizen breaks the $ 400 million mark

Star Citizen can be slow as the most supported Crowdfunding video game project be viewed at all times. No other game has received so much support from fans even after such a long development period.

It was only less than 18 months ago that the ambitious project cracked $ 300,000,000 mark. Meanwhile the Creator can Chris Roberts Income of 403,099,418 US-Dollar for the Crowdfunding campaign book. In any case, that’s a handsome sum for a game that in development since 2012 is and with it almost a decade.

Of the Encouragement from the fans has, however, above all in the recent past proven to be strong. If you look at the Crowdfunding-Timeline, it is stated that in the May this year $ 13,453,609 was collected. in the October 2021 the amount was still around half, in the range of seven million dollars.

Star Citizen im Free2Play-Event

If you want to find out about the current status of Star Citizen yourself, you can do so Free2Play-Event use which is currently active. That Free-Fly-Event runs until December 1, 2021 together with the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo on the planet MicroTech.

During the expo you can Ships from different manufacturers every 48 hours be hired. The newest and most iconic vehicles can be viewed at close range. Every day other manufacturers take over the halls and almost everything that is on display can be flown or driven for free.

You can find all the information on the official Star Citizen website.

Have you already tried Star Citizen? Do you think it’s worth the wait for the full release?

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