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Successfully settling the characteristic system, ‘Eternal Return’ rises by 2 stages

▲ Online game ranking (as of November 15th – November 21st)

(We collect and select various indicators such as PC room usage rate, Inven user voting, game article reaction rate, community reaction, etc.)

It’s time to look back on the game rankings of the past week. ‘Diablo 2 Resurrection’ fell into fourth place for the second week in a row. As mentioned last time, the reason seems to be the increase in users’ abandonment of the game play, where only the same content has to be repeated without additional content updates.

Meanwhile, Blizzard released the 2.3 patch details of ‘Diablo 2 Resurrection’ on the 18th. Offline difficulty adjustments, display of quick-cast shortcuts for Chima users, and various accessibility and graphic improvements will be addressed. There was also a plan to operate the first public test server, but unfortunately there is no mention of the ladder season schedule, so it seems insufficient to reverse the declining game share and usage.

‘Battleground’, which had been holding its breath at 4th place for a while, rose to 3rd place as it achieved 2nd rank rise. It seems to have been influenced by the holding of PUBG Global Championship 2021 and the sluggish performance of the top games rather than additional updates or events.

‘Eternal Return’, which started season 4 on the 11th, has risen by two stages and settled in 18th. From season 4 onwards, traits have been added to help the character’s lack of stats or to make more use of their strengths. At the beginning of the pre-season, there was a lot of dissatisfaction with the balance, but the atmosphere has stabilized little by little through the patch.

■ Eternal Return – Season 4 begins in earnest

‘Eternal Return’, which started season 4 in earnest on the 11th, has risen to 18th place in the 2nd rank.

Starting with Season 4, a talent system was introduced, bringing new changes to the game. The talent system consists of three types: destruction, resistance, and support, and you can join the battle after selecting the desired trait in advance in the lobby. Various effects are applied to the character’s skills depending on the selected trait, so even the same character can have completely different performance depending on the trait.

During the pre-season, there were balance issues due to the overperformance of the talent system. The problem was that certain characters became too powerful in the solo mode, which mainly revolves around 1:1 battles. Accordingly, various balance patches were made during the pre-season, maintaining a better balance than at that time.

Meanwhile, ‘Eternal Return’ started an event in line with Season 4. The daily mission event runs from the 18th to the 29th. We help beginners and returning users quickly adapt by providing the basics of the game, detailed systems, and rules to remember in the form of quests along with rewards.

This is ‘Eternal Return’, which has been over a year since the release of Early Access. Compared to the beginning of the release, many new characters have been added, and with each season, new systems are introduced to bring changes to the game. The convenience of the game has also completely changed compared to the early days, so I think now is the right time to make a comeback.

■ Elsword – Aisha 4 line update

‘Elsword’ went up in rank 2 by updating Aisha’s 4th line on the 11th.

Aisha is the second playable character in ‘Elsword’, and a new job titled Alchemist has been added through a new patch. Unlike other professions that dealt with magic itself, the new line 4 can create homunculus or throw bombs made with alchemy to fight.

In line with the new update, ‘Elsword’ provides a quest event and a connection reward event that allows you to know Aisha’s former story. Any user who is interested in new characters can easily get event rewards, and in addition, we were able to increase game usage by providing rewards events for the entrance exam and new/returning users.

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