Suicide Squad: Jared Leto advocates “Ayer-Cut” of the film

Despite the moderate reviews of the 2016 film adaptation of the Suicide Squads by David Ayer the franchise persistently remains in the public eye. With The Suicide Squad a new movie by James Gunn was released this year and with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League fans of the DC chaos heap can already expect a video game from Rocksteady.

The words are often used in this context “Ayer-Cut” that’s the name of the Director*s Cut des Suicide Squad-Films because of the director’s name. Not only does Ayer want to share his version with the public, either Joker actor Jared Leto now spoke out in favor of the release of the “Ayer-Cut”.

“That’s what streaming is for, isn’t it?”

Leto explained that to him Variety at the Los Angeles premiere of “House of Gucci” at the Academy Museum. When asked whether the Ayer-Cut should be published, he confidently replied: “Absolutely. Why not? Why shouldn’t they? Why shouldn’t they? I mean, that’s what streaming is for, isn’t it?”

David Ayer personally intervened and commented on the matter on twitter: “Exactly, that’s what streaming is for. If you own an IP and your shareholders are tasked with monetizing it, that’s exactly what you’re doing.” He also mentioned directly in his tweet AT&T, the parent company of Warner Bros.

Ayer has long been known for being extremely dissatisfied with the released version of Suicide Squad and for his version makes you strong: “I got my life in Suicide Squad (buy now € 17.99) plugged. I made something great. My version is a complex and emotional journey with a bad person who has been thrown away and treated like dirt (a subject that resonates with my soul. The studio version is not my film. “

Despite the words of encouragement from Ayer and Leto but it looks bad for the director’s version. Had in March of this year GamesRadar spoke to Warner Media CEO Ann Starnoff who chose clear words and said you would David Ayer’s version did not develop.

Those: Variety

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