Sunday, November 28

Summoners War: Arena in the Sky, Winter ‘Snowflake Event’

Data provided – Com2uS

Mobile game company Com2uS (CEOs Jae-Jun Song, Joo-Hwan Song) is hosting a winter snowflake event in the global hit ‘Summoners War: Arena in the Sky (Summoners War’).

This event, prepared ahead of the winter season, will be held until December 12th by enjoying various battle contents of ‘Summoners War’ and acquiring various items in the game according to the given mission.

If you play the main battle contents of Summoners War every day, such as the scenario, Kairos Dungeon, Dimensional Hall, World Arena and Guild Battles, including the recently updated 2:2 team battle, you can feel the winter atmosphere every time you achieve a certain number of times. Blowing snowflakes are given.

Depending on the number of snowflakes you have acquired, you can exchange them for various items such as 5-star Rainbowmon, Soft Stone, and Attribute Summon Scrolls. If you collect up to 40, you will receive a Light and Dark Summon Scroll that can summon Light or Dark attribute monsters. can do. In addition, if the accumulated snowflakes reach a certain number, there will be a bonus event where you can get additional items through gift draw.

On the other hand, Com2uS is delivering pleasure to users both inside and outside the game through various events, such as the ‘Summoners War World Arena Championship’, a global e-sports competition that recently ended with the highest box office success ever.

More details about the game and this event can be found on the official ‘Summoners War’ cafe.

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