The story of League of Legends returned with JRPG sensibility, the fallen king

What I always wondered while watching League of Legends, It was the personal story of the champions.. MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)I was curious about the narrative behind the genre called, It was regrettable that the worldview could not be expanded accordingly.. Fortunately arcaneThe animation is off to a good start., ‘Airship Syndicate(Airship Syndicate)’recently released by the fallen kingdo JRPGis showing a good response while advocating for.

Airship Syndicate is 4made years ago battle chaser night warIt has attracted attention since. Developers don’t know battle chaserthe title will be familiar. this game too JRPGIt was very popular at the time, evoking the nostalgia of. In conclusion the fallen kingis a skin from League of Legends battle chaserIt can be seen that it is inconsequential. From the combat system to the art style and animation, there are many similarities. Airship Syncateof 100% It’s hard to see creative.. If you’re a gamer who hasn’t experienced League of Legends, it’s probably a classic JRPGwould have had the impression that.

However the fallen kingis a pretty decent gift for League of Legends enthusiasts. From Runeterra to Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles, all RPG You can explore to your heart’s content using the genre as an excuse.. ‘battle arenaLeaving behind the breathtaking battlefield called, Now you can enjoy the huge worldview called Runeterra.. of course battle chaserIf you are a gamer with experience, simply for skinmay be disappointed in, ‘Airship SyndicateThe story flow with the added technology of.

So, who will be the main character among the countless champions?? League of Legends aficionados should have already noticed, thanks to the fact that the game’s main setting begins with Bilgewater and expands to the Shadow Isles.. Miss Fortune and her antagonist Gangplank, The harpooner’s pike at the wharf of slaughter, And Illaoi, who acts as an assistant, plays an important role in the game.. Along with this are Yasuo, a warrior from Ionia, and Braum, the hero of the Freljord.. Unable to confirm her birth, Ahri helps champions with her healing powers..

The story can be said to have taken the concept of League of Legends as it is.. There’s nothing particularly striking about Miss Fortune and Pike, who doesn’t seem to get along very well, other than that they’ve become friends..

Rather, this game JRPGThere is much to talk about in that it stands for. Aside from the extensive expansion of the map size and quests, the combat system stands out.. ‘battle chaserLike turn-based combat, showing the battle order preemptive barused. Character portraits are randomly listed, Because the turn starts in order, In fact, it can be understood as a timeline concept.. Basic attack does not change position, If you use a powerful skill, the activation time will be delayed because you will be pushed out of the sequence.. Here, the timeline was divided into three sections and a handicap was given to each location to force the change of location.. E.g 2in a row danger zoneif this is put, Gamers use their skills 1row or 3You can dodge it by moving. Contrary profit areaif this is put, Rather, you can go into it and get effects such as healing or defense.. Simply put, this preemptive barYou can check the gamer’s attack order in advance through.

But this preemptive barI find the concept very unfamiliar.. In fact, it is a very important system in that it dominates most of the game. 3It is difficult to adapt even when the number of people increases. Here overchargeI put the concept of into battleIt can be a bit confusing at first because the explanation of switching is added..

Overcharge is a temporary mana consumed only in this battle.. Used only in spawned battles, It doesn’t last until the next battle.. overcharge is Instant Skillsis accumulated with, This is a basic attack that does not cost mana.. Usually, if you use an instant skill about twice,, A skill can be used for the first time in a battle that consumes mana.. This overcharge is important because health and mana consumption are absolutely critical.. Because I don’t have enough money to buy potions., It is best not to consume potions by overcharging as much as possible..

as mentioned earlier danger zoneYou must use your skills in battle to avoid. In this battle that consumes mana, the skill in a good way’, ‘with balance(default)’, ‘strong furnacecan be attacked by dividing. each 1line, 2line, 3It attacks while the portrait moves in a row, but as you can see from the tone, it gets more powerful as you go to the strong path, so the activation is delayed.. However, there are cases in which the forward path is deliberately chosen to move to the profit area..

unfortunately this is not the end. for each character weakened attackYou can also stack damage by activating. U.S JRPGRecall the toxic attack you experienced in. This game adds a bit of a complicated explanation, but, Damage is dealt at the start of each turn., As a handicap such as bleeding is applied, the damage gradually accumulates.. For example, Miss Fortune with a basic attack a room of loveThis handicap applies. Since the heart breakerIf you use the skill in battle called a room of loveIt does more damage because it is applied.. In this way, other characters can earn similar cumulative points..

weakeningthere is enforcethere is also. However, reinforcement attacks are mostly used to the advantage of the enemy.. In fact, it is one of the reasons why it is difficult to overcome the beginning of the game.. In the beginning, I don’t have enough time to take advantage of overcharging because my HP and defense are on the low side.. Of course, if you’re a quick-witted gamer, you might be witty, but, Most will struggle a bit by the middle of the game.

However, the game itself is not very difficult.. If you treat it as text, it looks so complicated that you don’t want to read it to the end., Once you enter the game, you can intuitively understand it..

The problem was found at an unexpected point.. expand the map, It’s good to have more variety of quests, poor access. The movement of the character itself is very slow, so it takes a lot of time to solve one quest.. when you play, There will be many instances where you will pass the time without a fight scene.. The interface that follows the quest has not been simplified., The development of the game itself is very slow with small bugs overlapping here.. Therefore, the wide map can act as a disadvantage..

The bigger problem is that I fight while struggling with potions., It is likely that complaints will accumulate. JRPGAlthough it claims to be, ‘final fantasyLike the series, there are no cute corners, so it is progressing normally.. In particular, the additional quests are somewhat boring., The guide is not friendly, so it is often a waste of time.

Fortunately, after the middle part, you will understand the combat system and breathe a little.. When the overcharge is properly utilized, the game progresses a lot easier than in the beginning because you can proceed without using a potion even once.. As a result, even if quests accumulate, there is no burden like before.. Although the wide map and interface are still inconvenient,, You will have enough energy to find the secret stage..

Personally, I need this game right now., I think it would be better to start with the movement of the character quickly.. It is too slow compared to the combat speed, which encourages boring development.. Here Quest resolution points come and go, Item collection is often blocked., Often wandering aimlessly. If we only solve these problems the fallen kingseems to get better ratings in the next update.

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